Hair Masks For Hair Fall In Thyroid Patients

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People suffering from thyroid have enough problems to deal with and one of them is hair fall. Thyroid patients face terrible hair loss and the only solution to end this problem is to apply natural and healthy ingredients on the hair.

Beauty experts opine that the only way to pamper your locks and reduce hair fall is by making use of home remedies like hot oil massages, washing your hair with mineral water, opting for homemade shampoo, mild conditioners and serums.

Now, since this hair fall problem will continue because of the thyroid gland, one can at least reduce further damage to the hair by opting for these easy hair masks.

Since hair makes a big difference in appearance for both men and women, it is necessary to try at least one of these hair masks for hair fall. On the other hand, one must not get mentally affected by this problem. Tension and stress play a vital role when it comes to hair loss; therefore avoiding any sort of stress is the key to saving your tresses.

This hair treatment for thyroid patients consists of only hair masks. Apply these masks on the hair once a week to help reduce further damage like thinning of hair, brittle hair and dry hair.


Vitamin C Mask

Add one orange, one mosambi and one strawberry to a grinder. Juice these three fruits. Add three tablespoons of curd to the juice and mix well to paste. Apply this vitamin C hair mask to your tresses to reduce hair fall. After 20 minutes, rinse the hair with lukewarm water.


An Oil Mask

Massaging the scalp and the tips of the hair with essential hot oils will help prevent hair fall in thyroid patients. Allow the oil to soak in the scalp for an hour before rinsing it well with warm water and a homemade oil based shampoo.


A Fibre Mask

Use fibre rich foods as a hair mask. This will reduce the problem within weeks. Add three tablespoons of fine oats to thick milk. Mix the ingredients well to paste and then apply the contents to washed dry hair.


Rinse The Hair With Tea

Green tea enriches the scalp and looks after weak hair. Rinsing the hair twice a week with warm green tea will provide good benefits and reduce hair fall if you're a thyroid patient.


Egg Mask

Egg is a protein rich ingredient which is beneficial for treating any kind of hair problem. Use an egg hair mask to reduce hair fall. Thyroid patients should apply this ingredient to their hair twice a week. Egg also adds shine to your locks.


Yummy Berry Mask

Make a thick hair mask from 14 strawberries which are ground to paste along with 3 tablespoons of milk. This yummy berry mask can be applied directly on the scalp and the tips of the hair to treat hair fall.


Soft Yoghurt Mask

The best hair treatment for thyroid patients is to apply cold curd on their scalp. Curd contains calcium, proteins and a good amount of nutrients to strengthen the roots of the hair and thus reduce hair loss in thyroid patients.


Tried Vitamin E

Vitamin E is present in almond oil. In a cup, add two tablespoons of almond oil, one tablespoon of coconut oil and mix it. Now, heat this mixture to lukewarm temperature. Cut three vitamin E capsules and add the oil to the above mixture. Mix the contents together and apply the hair mask oil to treat hair fall. This hair treatment should be used twice in the week to reduce the hair problem.

Story first published: Friday, December 4, 2015, 9:00 [IST]
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