8 Effective Tips To Grow Hair Back Naturally

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Hair fall has become one of the most commonly faced issues due to our sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits. You can see most of them taking appointments with the doctor for hair loss problems.

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Gone are the days when our grandmother or mom used to massage our head with hair oils. Nowadays, thanks to our tight schedules, we merely have any time for such hair pampering activities. When we closely observe, these can be the main reasons for hair loss in our young age.

Sometimes, the use of chemical products on hair and scalp also leads to hair loss. Now, what is the best remedy to prevent hair loss? There are some effective natural remedies to regrow your hair, which we will share with you in this article.

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These tips for hair growth are simple yet effective. You will notice hair growth and no hair loss within 15 days of using these tips. Have a look.


Head Massage

It increases blood circulation of the scalp and also removes toxins. You can massage your scalp with or without an oil. However, using hot oil for massage prevents dryness and nourishes hair follicles. You could use almond, coconut, castor or olive oil.


Rubbing Fingernails

Rubbing the fingernails against eachother for at least 10 minutes daily promotes hair growth. This is an ancient practice for hair growth and one of the best remedies based on reflexology technique. You can try this effortless technique to regrow your lost hair.


Eat Amla

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is rich in vitamin C. The antioxidant effects of vitamin C promote hair growth. Amla also contains amino acids, minerals, flavonoids and tannins, all of which are important for you hair. You can eat fresh or dry amla to prevent hair fall, prevent greying of hair at a young age and for hair nourishment.


Eat Flax Seeds

They are important for hair growth and provide nourishment to weak dull hair. Flax seeds contain selenium, amino acids, calcium, phosphorous, B vitamins and, most importantly, omega-3 fatty acids. You can sprinkle flax seeds on a salad, sweet dish or flaxseeds powder can be used in chapatti dough.


Foods Rich in Protein and Iron

Deficiency of proteins stops hair growth and causes hair fall. Eat foods rich in proteins such as pulses, legumes, mutton, chicken, soya, etc. Iron transports oxygen to the hair cells and its deficiency affects hair growth.


Herbal Rinse

After shampooing your hair, rinse it with any of these herbal rinses, which include lemon, mint, rosemary, lavender, fenugreek and amla. To prepare the hair rinse, boil the herb to get the extract. Rinse your hair with the same herbal water once it cools.


Don’t Stress Yourself

Stress is the main culprit behind hair loss and greying of hair. Try to relax yourself by doing some activities that you like. Being happy and stress-free will make your hair healthy and promote its growth as well.


Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise makes you to sweat, which unclogs the trapped hair follicles. Once hair follicles are cleaned from dead cells and oil, new hair starts to grow. Exercising also increases blood flow to the scalp, thus supplying enough nutrients and oxygen to it. This promotes hair growth.

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Story first published: Sunday, November 22, 2015, 10:02 [IST]
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