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Top 5 Risks Of Hair Straightening

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A new look is what we need once in a while. This will boost our confidence and will make us look and feel better. In today’s world, there is a wide variety of choices that you can use to change your hairstyle in a jiffy, from curls to straightening and vice versa. Nowadays, when you do not have time for anything and when people judge you by your looks, you need to present yourself well. Different hairdos at home becomes very important.

The most common among all the hairdos is hair straightening; this is a very common process that is found in almost all the beauty salons. This is done by women who have wavy, curly or unmanageable hair. There are two types of hair straightening -- temporary and permanent. The risks of hair straightening come for both permanent as well as temporary.


For the permanent, you need to be aware of the right technique and its side effects. Hair care is very important for both. With the right kind of care and treatment, you will be able to maintain your hair with a beautiful and lustrous look that your hair straightening provides.

The following are a few risks of hair straightening that you should be aware of before deciding to straighten your hair.

Risks Hair Straighteners

One of the most common risks of hair straightening is an allergy to the products used. Like any other chemical used on your skin, the hair straightening products are also the same and you might develop an allergy if it doesn’t suit you. You need to know the brand and what it contains before you allow the stylist to apply it on you.

The most important hair care tip is to avoid dryness of the hair. Unfortunately, the main side effects of hair straightening are that they will cause the hair to dry out and the use of a hair dryer will only worsen the situation. The natural moisture will be sucked out and will look dull and frizzy every time you step out.

Bored of the Look
Once done it will always remain the same till it grows out. If you are a person who believe in change you might feel bored with your hairstyle in no time, this is one of the risks of hair straightening. If you need to change it to something else, it will turn out to be costly or you will wait for it to grow out to get your normal hair.

Hair fall
When you consider hair care, one of the main things that is taken into consideration is to make sure that you do not have any hair fall. But, hair straightening will experience this, especially when they have used poor quality chemicals and improper techniques. Straightening iron breaks the hair from the roots and in long term the hair follicles become weak and continue to fall.

Redo regularly
This is not a once in a life time process, this is yet another risks of hair straightening. This needs to be done at least once a year or depending on your hair growth. You will need to do it continuously or you will have a half straightened hair which will of course not look nice.

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