Hair Care For A Cool Summer

By: Asha Das
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If you are a person who wants to keep your hair beautiful, then definitely you will be worrying about your hair during summers. Summer sunny days bring you fun and excitement in the outdoors. But along with this pleasant climate comes some unpleasant hair problems. As the season changes, you have to change your hair routines as well. All of us know that we have to give extra protection to our skin to resist the sun. It is the same in case of hair as well.

If you are looking forward to a healthy hair, you should be more trustworthy and straightforward towards your hair. Treat it with a simple and hygienic hair care summer routine. Giving some extra care in this summer will keep your hair beautiful and healthy throughout the year. Nobody wants to compromise with their hair. So here are some summer hair care tips to keep your hair stunningly adorable without changing any of your summer regimens.

Hair Care For A Cool Summer

Wash your hair regularly: Washing your hair is the most important care tip to follow. It is summer, and all the dust and dirt tend to accumulate on your hair when it mixes with your sweat. Washing your hair will help to keep your scalp and hair clean.

Use a shampoo: It is important to change to a more moisturising shampoo in summer. Do not think that hard shampoo or soap will remove dirt from your hair. It will make your hair dry and brittle. Use a mild shampoo.

Use a conditioner: Deep conditioning is important for your hair, especially in summer days. This will keep your hair smooth and shiny. It will help to protect your hair from becoming sticky due to excessive sweating.

Hydrate yourself: Drinking plenty of water is important in the summer so as to replace the lost water from your body. This is good for your hair as well.

Go natural: Give a break to chemical and heat treatments in the summer. Hair tends to be moisture deprived in the summer and use of harsh chemicals will make your hair brittle and weak. Consider using natural hair care products.

Manage hair splits: Split ends are found to be more common in summer as the hair tends to be dry. This will ruin all the efforts you made to keep your hair stylish. Cut the split ends. After cutting apply some coconut oil to the hair tip.

Oil massage: Massaging your scalp with oil is very important in summer. This will remove all the dust and dirt from your hair. Oil massaging will increase the blood flow to your scalp and strengthen hair roots. Doing this before using a shampoo will keep your hair smooth.

Cover up: If you cannot avoid being in sun for a long time, then the next best option is to cover your hair. Use a scarf or hat to protect your hair from direct sun. But take care not to allow sweat to stay for a long time.

Use a sunscreen: If you are using sunscreen for your body, then why not for your hair? Using a sunscreen will give extra protection to your hair.

Use shower caps: In this hot summer, you may feel it soothing to spend time in water. But do not forget to use a shower cap when your hair is exposed to sea water or water with chlorine content.

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Story first published: Monday, April 1, 2013, 2:29 [IST]
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