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Vitamins That Your Hair Needs & Their Sources

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Vitamins and minerals are nutrients that nourishes our body and gives us a glow of good health. Healthy hair needs vitamins just like a healthy body. Without the nourishment that your hair gets from these nutrients it will be weak and dead-looking. To maintain a healthy and ensure proper hair growth, you need to know what vitamins are required to keep your hair healthy.

Moreover, you must also know what are the sources of these vitamins. One way to have these vitamins for your hair is to include them in your diet. Another way for giving your hair nourishment is going for hair oils and hair packs that are rich in these vitamins.

Hair Vitamins

There are some of the vitamins that your hair needs in order to be healthy and also the sources where you will find these vitamins.

Vitamin E: This vitamin is required for its antioxidant properties. It improves the blood circulation of the scalp and stimulates your hair follicles grow. The best source of this vitamin is almond oil. This vitamin E rich oil is great to eat as well as apply on your scalp. If you want your hair growth to be rapid go for a head massage with almond oil, once in a week.

Vitamin B Complex: Are you having unexplained hairfall for sometime? A deficiency of vitamin B6 could be the reason for it. This vitamin provides nourishment to your hair reducing hair loss. If your hair greying prematurely, that too could indicate a deficiency of this melanin forming vitamin. Egg yolk is the best source of this vitamin. Make a mask with 2 egg yolks and henna powder and apply to your hair twice a month.

Vitamin C: This one too is an antioxidant rich vitamin that helps keep your skin and hair healthy. It prevents your hair from ageing by fighting hair damage. Citrus or sour fruits are the rich source of this vitamin. Apply a pack of lemon and dried orange peels to your hair to keep your locks lustrous.

Biotin: This is a rare vitamin that is responsible for the production of keratin. Now keratin is the protein that is the building block of your hair. So, Biotin is responsible for making your hair stringer from the roots further preventing hairfall. Milk and milk products are good sources of Biotin. Make a hair pack out of curd and milk and apply it once in a fortnight to strengthen your hair.

These are some of the vitamins for your hair. Did you ever think that your hair might need vitamins too?

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Story first published: Friday, September 14, 2012, 5:34 [IST]
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