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5 Unusual Causes Of Hairfall

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There are more than a hundred causes of hairfall. It can be a wide range of things like pollution, stress etc. If you want to stop your hair from thinning, then you have to know the cause of hairfall first. Some of the reasons for hair loss are very obvious and yet we miss them completely. These are some peculiar habits we have that are not hair healthy.

To have shinning brilliant hair, you must understand these reasons and try to correct them.

Hair fall

5 Unusual Reasons For Hairfall:

1. Hot Water Bath: Most scientists now feel, that a cold water bath is much more healthier than hot water baths. Some experts argue against this too. However, when it comes to your hair, hot water is very damaging. Steaming hot water opens up the pours of your hair follicles and leads to hairfall.

2. Helmets: Helmets are an essential safety gear while driving bikes but it is true that they do lead to hair loss. Wearing helmets for a long period of time makes sweat accumulate in your scalp and weakens the roots of your hair. That is why, hair loss happens among young men who drive long distances regularly.

3. Forceful Combing: The wrong methods of combing can cause a tremendous amount of hair fall. You need to apply pressure while combing hair but only after the entire length of your hair is free from knots. If you try to comb through tangles forcefully (which you do out of instinct), then you will only end up with a bunch of torn out hair.

4. Combing Wet Hair: When your hair is wet, it is weak. But, most of us comb our wet hair out of habit. Some people believe that it helps you set the hair. Well, this is a huge cause of hairfall among all age groups. It is an obvious reason why hair loss happens and yet we rarely notice it.

5. Tying Your Hair Tight: It might be a classic hairstyle to 'pull back' our hair into a tight bun. But, its one of the many unknown reasons of hairfall. Tying your hair protects it but tying it too tight can make the brittle hair break at the ends. Moreover, combing your hair back can lead to a receding hairline if you already have thin hair.

Untimely hair loss is a big problem for the youth today. If you want to prevent it, be wary of these unusual causes of hairfall.

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Story first published: Monday, June 25, 2012, 17:43 [IST]
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