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5 Signs That Your Hair Is Ageing

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Ageing shows very quickly on you skin and it is also very easily identifiable. You can see the wrinkles, age spots and rough patches easily. But when it comes to your hair, ageing is determined only by greying. Grey hair is not the only sign of ageing hair. There are many signs to indicate that your hair is not as young as it used to be.

Many people suffer from hair problems like thin or frizzy hair for all their life. So, they are not able to distinguish between the signs of ageing and normal hair problems. Try to identify the signs of ageing from this list.

Hair Aging

5 Signs of Hair Ageing:

1. Grey Hair: Greying is the most obvious sign of ageing. However with the number of youngsters facing premature greying these days on the rise, you never know if its ageing or just a kid with greying hair roots. Greying at the roots is becoming a common phenomenon at a very early age these days. But you can distinguish premature grey hair from the hair that has greyed due to age. When your hair starts greying due to age it become a wiry in texture and turns grey.

2. Wiry Hair: If greying early is not in your genes then you might not notice grey hair even at 40. But that does not mean that your hair is not ageing. If your hair is not youthful anymore then you will probably start looking like Shakespeare's Dark Lady. Shakespeare, with his characteristic sense of humour wrote in one of his sonnets, 'If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.' Even if you have had smooth and silky hair all your life, it will start sticking out like wires as you near 40.

3. Frizzy Hair: Dryness is a sign of ageing that occurs both on your skin as well as hair. No matter how much you oil your hair, its gets dry very easily as young age. At this point of time you need hair spa and herbal hair packs to restore the lustre of your hair. And when you face incurable dryness in your hair you can assume that you have started ageing.

4. Thinning Hair: Just like premature greying, premature balding is also a hair problem that is haunting the youth. So if you are losing hair at the age of 25 then it is certainly not advanced age. However, progressing age also causes hair to thin out. A receding hairline is a typical pattern of hair loss due to ageing.

5. Hair Growth Slows Down: Does your hair grow with the same speed as it used to at the age of 25? Your answer will probably be 'no'. One of the main reasons for thinning of hair is that the hair that you lose does not grow back fast enough. The hair strands are now smaller due to stunted growth your hair follicles do not grow as quickly as they used. to. If you have not had a haircut in 3 months and your hair still looks the same then age is catching up with your hair.

Have noticed any other identifiable signs of ageing in your hair?

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