Pretty Plait Hairstyles For Valentines Day

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Plait Hairstyles
For long and straight hairs, plaits are the most trendy hairdos. They are easy to style and help you boost your modern look without any effort. Take a look at these different plait hairstyles and look trendy and hot for Valentines day.

Braid hairstyles are also a part of plait hairstyles but the only difference is that they are done with a few streaks while plaits are done by knitting all the hair. Here are the top 4's.

Plait Hairstyles For Valentines Day

It seems hot pants and Arabic pants are the trendy outfits for the season. If you plan to stick to the ongoing fashion then plaits will look cool and perfect.

The advantages of plaiting hair is that it will prevent breakage and damage on hair. Some say that can fasten hair growth. The hairstyles shown below, once set, will stay for long unlike the others.

Simple Plait: A common hairstyle that begins with brushing hair, making three partitions over the nape and passing the left over right, right over middle and so on. Once you reach the ends of the hair secure it with a covered band.

French Plait: With little hair spray make three partitions (sections) over the crown of the head. You can clip the bits that pop out while plaiting. The rest of the procedure is similar to simple plait.

Fishtail Plait: For the little mermaid look, you can try the fishy style. Brush hair well and remove tangles, the hair near sideburns and temples are split into three, make the separations using fingers, start with plaiting from the top (crown) till the end. Wrap a band to seal the ends. The plait looks like a fishtail and is why the name.

Romantic Side Plait: Best for beach and party outfits. This hairstyle doesn't require assistance and can be easily done to self. Simply look through the mirror, make the three sections of the hair near ears and nape, the brushed hair can be roughly styled in a criss cross pattern and that's it, you are done with the style.
A beautiful white or yellow flower can be the accessory to your hair. The look is enhanced with bright eye makeup and glossy lips.

Story first published: Friday, February 10, 2012, 11:16 [IST]
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