Hairstyle Blunders?: Tips To Quickly Fix!

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Hairstyle Blunders
Its hard to look beautiful always but its not easy either to fix hairstyle blunders. A woman's beauty and character is most of the time dependent on hairstyles so here are a few tips to quickly fix the beauty mistakes and look pretty. Take a look.

If women with straight hair complain of less bounce then the curly haired complain about the rough and lifeless appearance. Even after you set your hair from a salonist there is a chance to get drenched in the rain and look awful in the soaked hair. Here are some easy quick fixes.

5 Ways To Quickly Fix Hairstyle Blunders

1. You can put a full stop to those OMG! moments. Your hairstylist does just that! He sprays some water on your to set your hair, now that is what you too will follow. Hand comb your hair, twist the temple and forehead hair and clip it behind. You can also style it by twisting all the hair to a bun. This prevenrs the messy look, as well as cool and happening for the day.

2. You are to attend a party and your hair is oily. Is it getting too stubborn to set? Well, there are few ways to camouflage. Using a talcum powder over hair may make it oil free but it doesn't take too long to get back to old greasy look. What you can do is plait hair tightly or twist into a bun. These hairstyles provide scope for a bolder face makeup.

3. If the ends of the hair is too lifeless and bad, all you can do is style hair with a low ponytail. Do not leave the tail out, instead coil to top for texture. You can hide the colour band with a strand of hair.
You can also braid your hair to conceal the oily hair. Braids are the best hairstyles as they look trendy, modern and can be maintained for a longer period.

4. And if you have dandruff and aren't able to style your hair – Dab little oil on the flaky scalp and cover with fancy clips or bands.

Even celebs cannot escape from hairstyle blunders so it isn't a fashion disaster but with easy hair care one can prevent without any hint.

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Story first published: Friday, February 17, 2012, 11:40 [IST]
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