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Hot Oil Massage Benefits For Hair

Posted By: Staff
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You must have heard your elders say you to your hair with oil. This one of the best ways to pamper your hair in a natural way. In fact people have been opting a hot oil treatment for hair since ages. This is due to the benefits you get after you oil your hair. Use coconut, almond or castor oil to gain the massage benefits to the fullest. Here are a few benefits of hot oil treatment.

Hot Oil Massage Benefits

Nourishes Hair- A hot oil treatment is one of the best ways to nourish and moisturise your hair the natural way. If you massage hot oil on hair that shall have many benefits. It opens up the hair roots and moisturises the hair roots from within. This is gives nourishment to all the hair follicles.

Shiny Hair- A hot oil treatment also makes your hair shiny. If you have dull and boring hair then this is something that you should go for. Take a hot oil treatment once or twice a week and get rid of your dull hair. Oil massage will make your hair shine with life.

Hair Growth- An oil massage accentuates the hair growth from your scalp. Oils like castor and coconut are especially good for the purpose. It increases the blood flow along with providing the essential nutrition for hair growth. Thus it grows faster with a hot oil massage.

No Dandruff- Many think that oiling hair leads to dandruff. Well, this is not the case with a hot oil treatment at least. A hair massage with oil has many benefits. It increases the blood flow in the scalp thus keeping the scalp healthy and free of dandruff.

Strong Hair- A hot oil treatment for the hair strengthens the hair roots thus making it strong. It coats the hair with a thin protective layer that protects it from damage and makes it stronger.

Thick Hair- A hot oil treatment makes the hair thick. A massage with hot oil will make the hair healthy from the roots and it will grow in a better way, thus making the hair thicker than before.

Split Ends- Having split ends? Go for a hot oil treatment then. Split ends occurs when the hair grows brittle. You will get rid of this problem with an oil massage and thus have more healthy hair.

Detoxifies- Many of us use harmful chemical and dyes on our hair. This may damage the hair and scalp to a great extent. But, a massage with hot oil will detoxify your hair and scalp of all these chemicals and will make it healthier.

These are the several ways by which you can have healthier hair with a hot oil massage.

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