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How To Prevent Hair From Greying?

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Prevent Greying
Hair greying is common with aging but some natural home remedies or rather herbs can prevent it very effectively. These herbs are wonder medicines. They provide the necessary nourishment and maintain hair, thick, black and shiny. Those with one or two grey hair can start with these natural grey hair dyes. Here are some interesting recipes. Take a look.

Why Does Hair Turn Grey?

Our hair has two parts. The shaft and root. The root contains follicles which have pigment cells producing melanin. Melanin gives colour to hair and when the production of the pigment gets reduced with age, the colour of hair turns grey, white or silver.

Why Prefer Natural Grey Hair Dyes Than Easily Available Chemical Dyes?

Because chemical dyes contain ammonia that can cause irritation on scalp and damage hair badly.

Natural Hair Care Tips To Prevent Grey Hair

1. Henna leaves ground with cucumber juice is applied on scalp and hair. The leaves naturally colour and the juice helps it coat well on hair.

2. The fresh tea dicoction or the leftover tea leaves (compost tea) can also be applied on scalp with henna leaves. Henna leaves are better to use than powder available in packs.

3. Bhringraj (Eclipta alba) is an excellent hair care ingredient. The herbs are ground finely into paste with ashwagandha root (winter cherry). The paste is mixed with coconut oil and applied all over hair. After an hour or so, rinse hair well with warm water. It is an excellent conditioner and makes hair jet black.

4. Ther herbal beauty salons in India make another grey hair dye recipe. A few leaves of bavanchi, honegone greens, bhringraj, gooseberries (amla), hibiscus and henna are combined into paste. This paste is applied generously and washed well after an hour. With this treatment, the hair remains black and shiny for years.

5. For children with grey hair, our suggestion would be to eat bitter gourd well and prefer more fiber rich food. beetroot, coffee dicoction and henna can also colour hair and stop hair loss very effectively.

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Story first published: Monday, January 16, 2012, 14:50 [IST]
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