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Stylish Hairstyles Of Dhoni!

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Stylish Hairstyles Of Dhoni!
Cricket fever is on! Every cricket fan is hooked on to the television screen to catch the IPL. Cricketers and their fashion are increasingly being highlighted by the paparazzi. From Virat Kohli's spikes or tattoo to Dhoni's different hairstyles, every player has his own statement of style.

Even players are known for their varied looks. How can we forget David Beckham, the fashionable player who groomed himself to get more fame and fans? New looks of Beckham made fans go gaga.

Indian Cricket Team Captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is very popular for his funky yet, stylish hairstyles. His different looks gathers a lot of attention not only from the media but, also fans! Lets take a look at the famous Dhoni's hairstyles which gathered limelight.

5 Dhoni's hairstyles that were trend-setters:

Long hair: The un-cut long hair bangs was the first trend-setting hairstyle of this cricketer. It might have looked a little shabby to some because of the golden dyed hair strands but, many Dhoni fans got this long hair cut with the same locks and golden streaks.

Short and cropped hair: After his friendship with actor John Abraham, Dhoni decided to go for a make-over by chopping his shoulder length hair. Dhoni's spiky hairstyle increased his fan following instantly!

Clean shaved look: After the cropped spiky hairstyle, Dhoni went further to shock his fans by shaving off his head after the World Cup. The clean shaven look became a big trend last year. Men started trying this hairstyle to beat the summer heat! Dhoni's summer look was sporty and
definitely a trend-setter.

Spikes: From the bald look, Dhoni finally sported spikes. Dhoni made stylish appearances with the short army hairstyle.

Layered hairstyle: This is Dhoni's recent hairstyle. However, the layered hairstyle is not complimenting the stylish Indian Cricket Team Captain. It is believed that Dhoni, the hairstyle trend-setter, wants to get back those long hair bangs. And, is working towards the same.

Sports is no more just sports these days. After David Beckham, many players have started grooming themselves to stand up to the fame! Ever since the beginning of his career, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has experimented with his looks. The striking thing about this cricketer is, he knows how to carry his glamorous personality with different hairstyles.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 10, 2012, 12:44 [IST]
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