Hairstyles That Can Cover Grey Hair

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Cover Grey Hair
Grey hair is common during middle age, some like to keep it while some would feel like hiding it. Today, we shall suggest a few tips to cover grey hair not through chemical dyes or hair colours but through hairstyles. Take a look.

Although colouring hair is a good and easy option, there are chances of the hair getting damaged that may even lead to hair fall. As we grow old, the best way to maintain health is preserve and accept the way it is.

Hairstyles To Cover Grey Hair

1. If one or two strands of hair is grey, it can easily be concealed through hairstyles. Pulling the hair around and clipping it over the grey hair will cover it and maintain the young look. There are varieties of hair accessories available in the market. From bobby pins to fancy headbands to head claws, all these are prominently used by college going teens. Another big advantage of using hair clips is that it helps in making the person look younger.

2. Hair Extensions – If the greying is near the ear lobe or at the posterior hairline or near the nape, then hair entension can help you greatly. There are also synthentic hair extensions available online and simply plaiting hair with these extensions can give a bouncy look to hair.

3. Curling - Curls are the best ways to quickly hide the grey streaks of hair. Using a curler, you can even do it at home. Roll the curlers inwards facing down, this will the hide the grey hair and give a virtual thick hair appearance.

4. Plaiting – This is one of the best ways to cover grey hair that is at the crown of the head, temporal and posterial hairline. The hair can be easily tucked while plaiting and there are many ways to style hair under this.

Apart from these, you can even set hair with the gel and hide the grey hues. Also the wet hair and messy hair look are best hairstyles to make you look young and smart with age.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 25, 2012, 11:06 [IST]
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