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Trending Bridal Hairstyles For This Season

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Bridal hairstyles change with the trends in fashion. Just like you have trends for bridal wear, you also have a set of hairstyle trends for the Indian wedding season. Women of this generation are bored with the same old Indian hairstyles that have been there for ages. But when you are dressed head to toe in traditional clothes, then your bridal hairstyle cannot really be inspired by punk fashion.

So you need an Indian hairstyle for your wedding day, may be an improvised one but Indian nonetheless. The problem with choosing a bridal hairstyle is that your head will be covered during the wedding. Thus, you need to choose a bridal hairstyle that can be visible through all your finery.

The most popular hairdo for the Indian wedding is the traditional bun. There are several types of buns you can try with your bridal wear. Braid hairstyles are also becoming popular these days. Braids keep your hair fixed in one place and there are lesser chances of your hair becoming loose.

Bridal hairstyles are often flaunted by using jewellery. There are certain traditional pieces of jewellery like mang tikka, tiara, gota and other head gear that the Indian bride is supposed to wear. Without these, your 'solah-shringar' remains incomplete. So the hair jewellery you wear is just as important as your hairstyle.

Here are some of the bridal hairstyles that are in trend this winter.


Gota On A Bun

The typical Rajasthani Gota (mang tika) is setting off the elaborate bun very well.



This bride has adorned her hair with ornate Mughal jewellery. The hairstyle is actually a simple loose side bun.


Tinkling Tiara

Beneath the gorgeous headgear, the hairstyle is a simple pony. The hair is pulled back into a high pony tail and the hair has been curled from behind.


Apsara Style

This is a traditional South Indian hairstyle that has been beautifully decorated with flowers and a delicate crown.


Bun And Braid

In this famous picture, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's hair is first pulled back into a bun and then braided.


Layered Bun

This is a special layered bun in which the front portion of the hair is puffed up.


Flowered Bun

The simple orchid flowers are making the elaborate bridal outfit look even better.


Reverse Roll

The hair is rolled up in the reverse direction. The tiara in this case is very well fitting.


Beehive Bun

This tall bun is shaped like a beehive. although this is not a traditional hairdo, it is going very well with the bridal look.


Lacquered Bun

The hair has been rolled into stiff curls with lacquer. The curls have then built into an high bun.

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Story first published: Friday, December 7, 2012, 17:26 [IST]
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