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Post Beach/Pool Hair Care Tips

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After Beach Hair Care
Everyone loves to take a dip in the pool or beach during the summer. What happens to your hair after the beach fun? You see that your hair has messed up entirely and loses its shine too! Saltwater can damage your hair quality, and this can be extremely frustrating. Hair care is essential if you want to protect your silky and bouncy hair. Go natural by trying these hair care products after beach or pool dip.

Post beach hair care tips:

1. Always wash your hair with a herbal shampoo after returning from the beach or pool. Salt and soil remains in the scalp can lead to hair fall and also damage the quality of your hair. Use a conditioner after washing.

2. Saltwater can be substantial for getting wavy curls. If you want to keep that hairstyle, use a conditioner before leaving for the beach. Always use wide-tooth comb to avoid tangling your hair.

3. Avocado is a natural hair conditioner. After the beach or pool visit, apply mashed avocado. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and then rinse well.

4. You can also add few drops of white vinegar in water and rinse after hair wash. White vinegar brings shine and also makes the hair soft and manageable.

5. Apply yogurt on your hair. This is effective hair care product. After you return from the beach, just apply yogurt and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse with a mild shampoo and get soft, silky hair naturally!

6. Swimming pool has chlorine which can dry your hair and damage it if left untreated. Add club soda in water. Rinse after hair wash to get soft and silky hair naturally.

7. You can also apply aloe vera gel or extract on your hair post beach or pool visit. Aloe vera is another natural conditioner which protects the quality of the hair. It is also a suitable hair care product to prevent hair fall.

8. Avoid blow drying your hair. This will further damage your hair. Leave your hair to air dry. Use fingers to detangle your hair and set it.

These are few post beach or pool hair care tips.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 11:04 [IST]
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