7 Things To Do Before Getting A Haircut!

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Before haircut
A haircut maintains the hair growth and prevents hair fall. A haircut prevents the hair from split-ends and enhances immediate hair growth. Having a haircut also adds style to your look and defines your face shape and cuttings. Lets see things to do before getting a haircut even if its an experimental or normal cut.

Things to do before getting a haircut:

1.Check out the length of the haircut you want. Is it short or long. For eg, if you don't like small hair which you can't tie to a pony tail then don't opt for shoulder length haircut. Similarly having long hair might be troublesome in maintenance so go for short length. It purely depends on your preference and ability to maintain.

2.Check your face cutting and see if the hairstyle you want will suit on your face or not. Get an idea of what haircut you want. Consult your hair stylist if you are having a doubt on the hair style which will suit you the best.

3.Don't blindly go after celebrities hair styles. Many times haircuts look best on actors but not good in reality. Opt for a hair style which bests suits your personality.

4.If you have permanent hair-dresser then you can rely on him/her otherwise get all details about the parlor before going there.

5.Wash your hair an hour before getting a haircut. You can even wash a day before but its best to wash few hours before going to the parlor.

6.Wear a top which has a contrasting color to get the best view of the hair. To see the length, edges and style, a contrasting colored top or shirt will be the best option. So, best wear a white or light colored top to get the clear view.

7.Before getting a haircut, take a friend with you who can give the best suggestion. People get confused after getting various options in the hairstyle so a friend will give the best suggestion.

Keep these 7 things to do before getting a haircut in mind and enjoy the haircut.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 4, 2011, 16:45 [IST]
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