Easy Care For Straightened Hair

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After paying on the hair straightening packages you wouldn't want to loose all the money in a single wash. Take a look to know how to care straightened hair. Here are some easy hair care tips.

Your frizzy hair would have set well post straightening so home care is required to maintain it stylish for a long while. Since it is artificially done, there are chances for the hair to develop split ends which need to be avoided and can happen by following these procedures.

Easy Care For Straightened Hair – Maintaining Hairstyle

1. Comb hair frequently so that the hair is free from tangles and helps to maintain it straight for long. Always oil hair before bath as dryness is one of the main reasons for hair to get rough and frizzy.

2. Use mild shampoos that do not cause dryness in hair. Applying a good conditioner after bath will soften hair and maintain it straight. Combing hair after bath, using hair softening gels (like livon) will set it long and strong.

3. Straightened hair needs to be trimmed regularly as it may developing split ends very soon. Getting hair cut every 4-6 months will prevent the problem.

4. While ironing hair at home, apply a thermal protector to prevent damage. These protectors contain certain ingredients that when applied, coat the hair and protect it from heat and loss of moisture.

5. Do not plat the hair tight and twist it too much as it may make the hair get back the frizzy look. Lightly pull it to the centre and loosely clip it or pin a few strands to make it look clean and straight.

These tips will maintain the long and linear hair for more time (atleast a few days).

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 22, 2011, 14:33 [IST]
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