Best Hairstyles For Thin Oily Hair!

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Hairstyles for thin oily hair
Women with thin hair find it hard to get a fine hairstyle which can volumize their hair and make it look fluffy. Short haircuts on thin hair creates the illusion of limp hair. Generally, thin hair is more prone to getting oily or greasy which further makes them appear thin.

Women with thin hair should avoid getting feathered layers haircut which makes the hair look more thin.

Following are hairstyles for thin oily or greasy hair. Try these to make the hair look fluffy.

Hump hairstyle: To make your thin hair look fluffy and thick, you can try the hump hairstyle which is best done in greasy hair. Women with thin hair are tired of washing oil from their hair. So, now you can try the hump hairstyle which hides the most visible oily strands of hair in the front. Brush your hair backwards and hold some hair from the middle. Bring it in front and brush from the back side of the hair. Now take it back and make a hump with fingers. Put clips to attach the hump and softly comb the left out hair in the back and sides. You can leave the rest hair open or else neatly tie them. This hairstyle is best for greasy or oily hair as the hair sets easily.

Bob hairstyle: This hairstyle is another best one for thin oily hair. This haircut is effective to hide thin hair. Messy bob haircut which ends at the chin looks stylish and trendy! Try to blend curls and straightened look with the bob hairstyles. Straighten the front side of the haircut and curl the ends of the hair. You can even try full straightened or curls look.

Curls: To get rid of thin and straight hair, you can try curls. It not only adds volume to the greasy thin hair but also makes them appear stylish. Try getting curls and long hair with curls will look gorgeous! Curls is best defined in greasy hair so why not try it once!

Women with thin oily or greasy hair can try these hairstyles to add volume to their hair and make proper use of their greasy hair!

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 13, 2011, 11:48 [IST]
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