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Punk Hairstyles For Men

Men and fashion always seem to go beyond expectations. The punk hairstyle for men is hilarious, outraging and indeed a shock.

This started with the punk rock movement in the 70's where one would see the musicians spiking and coloring their hair.

One thing you should know is that a punk hairstyle can never be a fashion disaster. It is said that the more outrageous your hair looks the better it seems.

Many youngsters punk their hair to shock the sight of those around them and to do that your hairstyle should be in such a way that it is loud and well gelled.

For those of you who desire to get this punk hairstyle, grow your hair shoulder length, it will be easier to identify which type of punk hairstyle would suit you best.

Here below are some of the punk hairstyles for men.

1.Liberty- This type of hairstyle requires long hair. It is cut evenly all around the head tapering towards the back. The hair is then gelled with long spikes dyed with neon colors.

2.Skate- It is cut in asymmetrical lengths. The end of the hair is made to look tiny and spunky. You can add in neon colors to the tips of the hair leaving the rest of the hair blonde or brown to emphasize on the neon colored tips.

3.Horror- It is more of that Gothic look. The long spikes are made to resemble horns which appear at the center of the head. You can dye the hair into a funky blue black color to bring out the long spikes.

4.Mohawk- This is the most popular type of punk hairstyle. For this type of hairstyle, the entire head is shaved, leaving behind a strip of 1.5 inch in the middle of the head. It can be dyed in any color.

5.Beaver- For this type of punk hairstyle it is quite simple. You have to shave the entire head leaving behind a short strip in the middle of the head from the front to the back.

6.Tri-Hawk- As the name states, it means three Mohawks. The spikes are separated in the middle of the head with a gap or space of two inches between each of the hawks.

7.Original- It is the normal most casual type of punk hairstyle. The spikes are made using gel. It is also dyed with colors of pink and bright purple.

8.Cue Ball- This type of punk hairstyle for men is one of the easiest and simplest. The dyed hair is clipped to less than half an inch. You can dye it in colors of red and white. The leopard print is in fashion for this type of punk hairstyle.

These punk hairstyles are for those men who can carry it well with the right type of attitude. To go along with this type of hairstyles, wear clothes and accessories that will make you look outstanding.

Story first published: Thursday, October 21, 2010, 14:23 [IST]
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