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Magic Lotion To Retain Blackness Of Hair!

By Priya Devi

The new upcoming known as ''magic lotion'' can bring back the lost natural hair from wisdom hair as the process is on progress by a French scientist.

The recent international conference in Caines, Dr Bruno Bernard informed that he was working on a unique lotion that restore the natural colour from greying hair, without any chemicals or dyes etc.

Dr Bernard and his colleagues, discovered the turning of black hair into grey, and even reversed it to natural enzyme that protects and improves the growth of melanocytes.

Melanocyte cells are found in hair follicles which is close to the scalp and create a melanin reservoir, which moved to the hair as it grows, providing the pigmentation that brings hair its colour.

By aging, this reservoir is harmed and it declines until it fails to get the pigmentation into hair strands, resulting in grey and white hair.

But Dr Bernard assures that his lotion will offer melanin reservoir for lifetime support.

The product, funded by L'Oreal, is expected to hit the stores in five years time.

"We have worked for 10 years to try to understand the origin of why hair goes grey and we have discovered that it is a progressive decline in the melanin stem cells," The Courier Mail quoted Dr Bernard, as saying.

He added, "If it was an abrupt process it would be difficult to stop and reverse but because it is progressive we believe we can reverse the greying at the beginning of the decline.

"We are working on a product that mimics the activity of the enzyme that protects and recruits the melanocyte cells responsible for producing the pigmentation."

Wait and see the result

Story first published: Monday, June 21, 2010, 17:35 [IST]
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