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10 Tips To Make Trimming Your Eyebrows At Home Less Painful When You Cannot Visit The Parlour

Plucking the eyebrows is kept for the time we are feeling lazy and we want to push our eyebrow appointment a week further. Because to be real, doing your eyebrows can instantly make-up you look well put-together. Well-groomed eyebrows make you feel confident and good about your appearance. But, what about the time you are unable to visit the parlour? Like the self-quarantine period today. Dealing with hair is one of the major struggles of being stuck at home. And while waxing the arms, legs and bikini area probably has to wait until after the quarantine is over, your eyebrows can be easily dealt with at home byyourself.

The problem that we face in that is the pain that we have to undergo. Let us help you with that. These tips and tricks are certainly going to make dealing with the eyebrows at home a lot less painful.


Cleanse And Exfoliate First

The specks of dirt or any product that you have applied to your face makes the process of plucking tricky. The moisturiser and face creams make your skin slippery and hence difficult to pluck. Clean skin is a better way to get things done and make it less painful.

If you have ingrown eyebrow hair, we suggest you exfoliate before starting to do your eyebrows. It will save you the trouble of having to dig the eyebrow hair before plucking.


Get A Sharp Plucker Or Trimmer

When you are plucking, your equipment- a pair of tweezers in this case- should be sharp and able to do the task at one go. If you have a pair of tweezers that are thick and blunt at the ends, you will have a bad grip and hence it will do a lousy job of plucking the eyebrow hair while also making the process painful.


Do Not Wait For The Full Growth

The more you allow your eyebrow hair to grow, the more painful it is going to be. If you know that it is going to be sometime before you can get to visit the parlour next, let your hair grow to the length that it is easy to grip and pluck them. Not longer than that and definitely not shorter.

You will also notice that your eyebrow hair grows at a different pace at different places. The growth near the ends is faster as compared to the hair growth at the beginning of the brows. So, that means if you wait for the brows to grow evenly, you would be dealing with a lot of eyebrow hair and that will be painful. Even if you have to groom the eyebrows every few days, do it to avoid the pain.

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Clip The Upper Eyebrow Hair

Plucking your brows is easier for the hair growth under your brows. For a well-groomed look, you need to deal with your upper eyebrow hair as well. To make it quick and painless, just brush your eyebrow hair upwards and clip the extra hair gently. Be careful though not to clip more than necessary. You might have seen the salon lady do it a multiple times but it is very easy to overdo it.


Rub A Piece Of Ice Under Your Brows

This tried and tested trick is sure to keep your task painless or at least to lower the pain. Take a piece of ice and rub it under your eyebrows. Wait for the skin to get dry before starting with plucking your hair. What it does is to make the area numb for some time and thus it helps to reduce the pain.


Powder It

You might have noticed the parlour lady putting some powder on your skin before doing your eyebrows and upper lips. Well, this is done to remove any moisture in the skin. Our skin secrets sebum, a natural oil that moisturises and protects the skin. It also makes the skin greasy and difficult to do the brows.

Putting some powder on the skin soaks up the oil, moisture and sweat and prepares your skin. This makes the task easier and reduces the pain.

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Save Your Tea And Coffee For Later

Caffeine in your system reduces your pain tolerance. So, avoid tea and coffee before you do your eyebrows.


Stretch Your Skin Good

There is a common mistake that we make while doing our eyebrows- not stretching the skin. The skin under your eyes is thin and delicate and plucking without stretching has the risk of your pulling the skin along with the hair. This can be rather painful. In some cases, it can lead to bruising. And we need to avoid that. So, using your fingers stretch the skin before grabbing the hair and pluck it.

After you stretch the skin, place the hair between the flaps of the tweezers, grab the hair and pull it quickly. Pull the hair in the direction of the hair growth for a good finish.


Go With The Two At A Time Policy

If you are doing your eyebrows at home, there are high chances that you want to get rid of the extra hair and not give a shape to your brows. The most efficient way of removing the extra hair under your brows is to follow the two at a time policy. What that entails is to pull out two hair at a time. Pause and look into the mirror to check if and which hair to pull next. Continue the process until you are satisfied.

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Put On Aloe Vera Gel Afterwards

After the excruciating task of pulling your eyebrow hair, your skin tends to become sensitive. In many cases, there is a redness of the skin as well. And that is why a soothing gel or cream is applied to the area after your eyebrows are done.

Aloe vera gel is a great alternative to soothe the skin after you are done plucking. The soothing, moisturising, healing and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera gel give you immense relief. After you are done doing your brows, take a small amount of aloe vera gel and massage your skin with it until it is absorbed into the skin. Let it be and you do not have to worry about inflammation and redness of the skin.

Story first published: Friday, April 3, 2020, 19:45 [IST]