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Shower Hacks To Make Your Fragrance Last All Day Long

The first whiff of your favourite fragrance is enticing when you apply it before going out. However, as it fades over the course of the evening, it is almost impossible to discern the scent, which is a complete bummer when you want to show off how amazing your newly-bought fragrance smells.

To begin with, the longevity of your perfume depends on the type of fragrance, the composition of the scent, and even the temperature and humidity of the environment and the nose. In other words, some scents are meant to last longer than others.

Shower Hacks To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

Experts suggest that something with rich, lasting base notes such as amber, vanilla, and musk will last longer than a light floral; eau de parfums tend to last longer than eau de toilettes because of their heavier formulas), and their staying power can be directly impacted by the weather as well.

Regardless of the fragrance you wear, there is a way to make it last all day. Check out these shower hacks to make your fragrance last longer.

Step 1: Choose a body wash that contains the same scent notes as your perfume

a) In order to extend the life of your fragrance, you need to start the journey in the shower.

b) Choose a body wash or scrub that has a similar fragrance profile to the perfume you intend to wear for the day.

c) In addition to extending the longevity of your perfume, layering different skincare products that match the scent notes of your perfume can help the fragrance last a long time.

d) It is possible to extend the longevity of perfume on the skin by combining it with complementary, fragranced personal care.

e) Following the selection of your favourite body wash, lather it up, rinse it off, and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Apply a body lotion with the same scent

a) Using the same principles of fragrance layering, choose a body lotion or cream that contains notes that are similar to your perfume and body wash.

b) The lotion should smell like jasmine if you intend to wear jasmine perfume that day.

c) Remember, wet skin will allow the lotion to penetrate more deeply and leave behind a stronger scent if you apply it to it before you have towelled off.

d) Lastly, before going out, spray the fragrance onto your pulse points, apply moisturizer on top of the perfume, and spray a final spritz.

And that's it guys, you should be smelling like a thousand bucks now every time you go out!

Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2022, 19:01 [IST]
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