Waxing Versus Shaving- Which One To Go For

By Sharon Thomas

The beauty industry raves about silky, smooth-textured skin. It is a phenomenon to achieve for those who are obsessed with a clean and smooth look. Hair growth in some body parts is always a hindrance to this goal. So, skin experts came up with a solution to forcibly remove hair from the body. Amongst many methods, the two most commonly used for hair removal are waxing and shaving.

waxing versus having which is better

For years there have been debates as to which method wins over the other. The definite answer is still a distant call. This is because both waxing and shaving have their own pros and cons. The preference between the two is highly subjective in nature depending on the needs and other factors which vary from person to person.


The very first thing that comes to the mind when you hear the word waxing is the traumatising pain that you might have to go through during the process of hair removal. In reality, the pain is at its highest only the first time you get waxed and it recedes as you keep doing it. On the other hand, shaving is completely painless at all times.

Hair Regrowth/Lasting Results

The regrowth when you wax is less compared to when you shave. This is because during waxing, the hair root is damaged which slows down regrowth. It takes around 4 to 6 weeks for new hair to grow.

When it comes to shaving, only the surface hair comes off and it grows back in a week or so. Shaving must be done once every few days to maintain the smooth look. It is temporary and there is never an end to it as the same amount of hair grows back each time.

With time, the hair will become thinner and finer during waxing. One cannot get a permanent solution with waxing either, but the results definitely last longer. So, waxing is more effective considering this factor.

Effect On Skin

The skin gets smoother during waxing as it removes the dead skin cells, but over time, depending on the skin type, waxing might make the skin loose due to all the pulling. Skin can also turn red if not done properly.

People with sensitive skin should take up shaving to refrain from irritation and other side effects. But even while shaving, razor cuts and bumps are a problem. It can sometimes go to the extent of causing an infection.

Depends On Which Body Part

All of the body parts cannot be shaved using a razor because razors can cause wounds. You would not want a cut around your groin that could cause bleeding let alone on your underarms. But waxing is safe to be done around the genitals and underarms when the necessary measures to relieve pain are taken.

The Quickie

Shaving wins the toss here. When in an emergency or when you don't find time to go to the parlour, shaving is the method to opt for. One more thing which makes it quick is the long vertical strokes used. The hair comes off in one go which is not the case while waxing. If the waxing strips are not pulled out properly, the hair will remain and the procedure has to be done again which is time consuming.


Speaking in terms of money, shaving costs less as you will just need a good razor and a gel or cream. One-time-buy products like electronic shavers and epilators make it even cheaper. Usually waxing demands a visit to the parlour unless you have mastered the technique. The rates are never low considering the risk factor.

Hygiene And Chemicals

Wax is a natural ingredient and it is safe on the skin; whereas, shaving gels and creams are loaded with chemicals which might take you for a ride. Blades must be changed often to avoid infections while shaving, which you can do. But during waxing it is tough to always know the quality of the paper strips and wax used by the professional.

Which one will you choose? There is never a compromise when it comes to maintaining a beautiful body. People are ready to undergo anything for the sake of beauty. So, most people swear by waxing as the results are the best in it and the pain involved is considered infinitesimal.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 8:00 [IST]
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