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10 Best Tips For Your First Waxing Session

Hello, all you first-time waxing clients out there! Looking for some tips on waxing?
Where you sit today, all women have sat, once in their lifetime, and trust us, you will get used to it. Waxing is nothing to be scared of until you do it, experience it and make it a part of your life.

The maximum worry and concern about waxing are spread by your friends who haven't even done it. So, talk it out with someone who is a regular to the salon, who knows and has experienced waxing, to get the right information.

Waxing Tips, Advantage and Disadvantage | वैक्स करवाने से पहले जरूरी है बातें जानना | Boldsky

Also, we present to you ten primary basic tips that you can swear by before you head to your first waxing session. These tips around the first waxing session will ensure that you have a good experience without much ouch and oh's.

So, fret not and know of these first waxing session tips.


Go With The Maximum Hair Growth

A lot of girls either trim using a scissor or razor and then go for the waxing session. Wrong move! You should always go for your every waxing session with maximum hair growth on your skin. This allows the wax to hold a lot of hair at the same time and thereby diminish your total waxing duration. It also makes it easy for your beautician.


Pick The Right Waxing Expert

Your first and every waxing session are highly dependent on who is doing the waxing for you. If you pick an unprofessional first-time salon attendant, then you got to cry over your first waxing session. Please pick an experienced waxer with reference from friends or families. Or, you can walk into reputed salons and mention that it is going to be your first waxing experience. They will allot the right professional for you.


Pick Your Clothes Right

It is very important that for your first-time experience you pick a comfortable cotton clothing only. After the waxing, your skin might turn a little red or itchy. At that time, your rescue is the loose and light clothes which will not stick to your skin and let the skin breathe.


Plan Your Skin For Its First Waxing

When you are hitting the parlour for the first time, you've got to plan on your skin three days in advance. For three days, before the waxing, exfoliate the parts of your body you are planning to wax. Next, on the day of your waxing, take a hot shower, wear your clothes on and go to the salon. Do not moisturize or apply anything except powder on your skin before the waxing session. Extra moisture on the skin will make waxing painful and long.


Start With A Small Patch

As mentioned earlier, do let your beautician know that you are waxing for the first time. Also, instruct her to start with a small patch first. Though this first waxing will be painful, this will actually gives you a hint, what's on the way. During the trial session, give your skin some time to react and check if you are having side effects of waxing. If you can bear the first trial session of waxing, then go ahead. For anything out of place, do take advice from the expert and then go ahead.


Check The Weather Forecast

Though this may sound weird but this makes complete sense. Experts say, humid or rainy weather makes it tough on their end to pull out the hair. So pick a sunny sultry day and waxing will be comforting for both you and the expert. If at all it is an emergency and you go waxing on a humid day, instruct your waxer to go slow in the business.


Discuss With Your Beautician (If You Have Any Skin Problems)

You know your own skin the most. So, if you already know that you have skin problems, make sure you do let your beautician know about it. Experienced waxers can plan the waxing session likewise. If you hide your skin problems, then the after effects can be seriously harmful. In fact, if you have no skin problems, at least convey your skin type to the expert for her ease.


Spell Out Your Criteria For Waxing

You may want the waxing to go slow, or the air conditioning of the salon to be increased and so on. Do not keep these in your head. Communicate these to the expert because an important factor in all your waxing experience is you being comfortable. If you are not comfortable during your waxing experience, then you will be dreading it life long.


Note The Common Side Effects Of Waxing

For all skin types, for all women, waxing brings in some common side effects like red patch on the skin, burning sensation, boils and rashes. You will also get them after your first waxing session. Do not blame the salon for this. You have to come back home, apply some ice, cold compress and calamine lotion all over your body. Your skin will surely calm down and be normal in a day's time.


Consult Your Mother Or Senior

Beginners usually trust their friends in this business. But more than your friends, your elder sister and mother have experienced this better. So, just go to the senior ladies of your family and talk to them about it. Going for first-time waxing session has nothing to hide about.

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