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Step-by-step Guide For Doing A Body Massage At Home

Body massage is expensive and time-consuming at the salon. However, our body does not abide by any such techniques and often continues with all its problems that become gross and unbearable.

The remedy to body pain and dizziness is a comforting massage; but who would do it for you at home? Every one lives a busy life and you would not want to disturb them with your desire of a body massage.

As men and women confessed this as a common problem, at Boldsky we came with a remedy.

Body massage is possible at home and all by yourself if you know the right means and methods. The body massage we are talking about here is not just applying oil or a moisturizer all over. Body massage is applying the oil or moisturizer at the right part of the body, in order to feel rejuvenated by the end.

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Also, there are strokes of the body massage technique that you must follow during the process in order to ace your blood circulation. If your body massage hits your blood circulation, then it adds a glow to the skin as well.

Doing this body massage at home has many perks, so read the step-by-step process below and do make sure to try it at home.


Step I

To do the body massage, you can use any high water content body lotion. You could also try a carrier oil. In carrier oil, as there are many options, the best ones are coconut oil, mustard oil (if you have a cough and cold), or sesame oil. Warm the oil right before doing the massage. It should be in its lukewarm state.


Step II

Try doing the hot oil massage when no one is around you or in a closed room. This is because wearing the least of clothes is recommended during the oil massage.


Step III

Start your body massage from the feet. First, take oil on the tips of your finger and massage in between your toes. Then, take some oil/lotion at the centre of your palm and pour it into the centre of your feet. Massage your feet in a linear direction, i.e., from leg to toe direction. Massage both top and bottom of the feet gently and spend minimum five minutes on each foot. If you think the oil is drying up, take some more.


Step IV

From the foot, with long two or three strokes, come to your knees. It is important to massage the knee area nicely, even if you don't have a pain because this is a key point of your entire lower body's blood circulation. To massage the knee, use both your hands and do it in a circular motion. The skin at the knees is gentle and you should not be very rough while massaging the area.


Step V

From the knees, move to your lower thighs first. This part of the body requires maximum oil and you must ensure that it's warm. Massage the lower thigh first and then in circles, come to the top. Be extra-cautious while massaging the inner thigh, as it is close to your intimate areas. When doing the thigh massage, try to maintain linear strokes that is from the knee to tummy direction.


Step VI

Here, your focus is the abdomen. You have to spend time and be gentle to massage this area. Take as much as oil as you want because, less of oil leads to muscle pull easily at this place. You have to massage the abdomen area in a circular motion. Than taking oil on your palm and applying; pour it from the centre of your breast and spread it all over. Spend time to massage the abdomen, as it covers a wide area.


Step VII

At the last but final stage of your body massage at home all by yourself, it is time to move to the shoulders. You will need extra time here because you can use only one hand at a time. Do the right shoulder with left hand and vice-versa. Again you have to repeat a circle pattern from the centre of your neck to the edge of the shoulder. When you land up to the hands, the stroke should be linear and upwards. End this, by a hand massage that will move from the palm to shoulder direction. Do not take long strokes but keep them uniform all over the shoulder and hands.



At the end of the body massage at home all by yourself, you have to massage both your palms. To do this, take oil, apply it all over and massage one at a time. Follow gentle strokes.

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Story first published: Monday, August 7, 2017, 8:00 [IST]