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How To Treat Forehead Wrinkles

By Somya Ojha
Wrinkles - Tips On How To Reduce and Remove Wrinkles From Your Forehead | Boldsky

Forehead wrinkles are inevitable byproducts of ageing and stopping them from occurring is something that is beyond our control.

However, reducing the prominence of such signs of ageing is an achievable task. Few people like to get cosmetic procedures done such as botox, etc.

But, in case you're someone who wishes to go for treatments that are safe and natural, then today's post is perfect for you. As today at Boldsky, we'll be letting you know about the natural ways in which you can treat creases on your forehead.

How to treat forehead wrinkles

Natural components such as olive oil, egg white, papaya are old-fashion remedies that are known to effectively abate the prominence of creases on your forehead.

Usage of such age-defying components, that are loaded with vitamins and nutrients, can make your forehead wrinkles a thing of the past.

Give such unconventional methods a spot in your beauty routine and within a few weeks you will be able to notice prominent changes in the appearance of your forehead skin. The ingredients that you will need to treat this common skin problem are mentioned below.

Give these budget-friendly methods a try to get rid of deep creases on your forehead.


1. Papaya

Enriched with papain, an enzyme that can do wonders on signs of ageing, papaya is one remedial fruit that can lessen the prominence of creases on your forehead.

How To Use:

- Extract 1 tablespoon of papaya pulp.

- Gently rub it all over the affected area.

- Rinse with cold water.


2. Egg White

Packed with astringent agents, egg white is a popular age-defying natural ingredient that can treat the prominent creases on your forehead.

How To Use:

- Mix 1 egg white with 2 teaspoons of lime juice.

- Smear it on your forehead.

- Rinse with tepid water after 15 minutes.


3. Orange Peel Powder

Citrus face packs such as the one mentioned above can effectively reduce the prominence of wrinkles on your forehead.

How To Use:

- Mix 1 teaspoon of each, orange peel powder and rose water.

- Slather this blend on your forehead.

- Wash it off with tepid water after 15 minutes.


4. Pineapple

Powerhouse of bromelain and vitamin, pineapple is one fruit that can make your forehead wrinkles a thing of the past.

How To Use:

- Extract fresh pineapple juice.

- Dip a cotton ball in the juice and dab it onto your forehead.

- Allow the juice to settle in your skin for 10 minutes.

- Cleanse with tepid water.


5. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel contains tannins that can prove to be wondrous for combating signs of ageing such as wrinkles, especially on the forehead area.

How To Use:

- Mix 3-4 drops of witch hazel with 1 teaspoon of green tea.

- Smear it on your forehead.

- After 10-15 minutes, rinse with cold water.


6. Olive Oil

High content of vitamin E as well as other skin-enriching antioxidants in olive oil makes it an ideal remedy for reducing the prominence of forehead wrinkles.

How To Use:

- Massage a teaspoon of olive oil on your forehead.

- Leave it overnight.

- Wash with cold water in the morning.


7. Calendula

This is one skin-benefiting herb that can fight off the free radicals that cause ageing sings on your forehead such as wrinkles.

How To Use:

- Mix 1 teaspoon of calendula florets with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil.

- Spread the mixture on your forehead.

- After 10-15 minutes, rinse with tepid water.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 8:30 [IST]
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