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Types Of Hair Wax For Men And Ways To Use Them

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Hair gels are available in almost every aisle of supermarkets all over India. While some of the hair gels are available at affordable rates; imported ones cost a lot more.

Although there are over 5 types of hair gels manufactured by top brands, these products are infamous for causing hair loss and other issues in men.

Hair sprays and other products are also available by the truck load. Hair sprays are ideal for men of varying needs, but these products are more expensive than what most people desire for.

Types Of Hair Wax For Men

A cheaper alternative than most hair sprays is a hair wax. Hair wax is also considered to be safer than gels to use. There have been very few allergic reactions reported by people who use hair wax.

One of these few problems is a mild itching sensation when the wax is applied directly on to the scalp.

If hair wax is applied directly on the hair, as it is supposed to be used, then hair wax bottles are safe. Since hair wax is potent in nature, using this product sparingly works best for your hair and your pocket as well.

Continue scrolling down to know which type of a hair wax is ideal for you and also know how to use the selected hair wax.

Types Of Hair Wax For Men

Types Of Hair Wax Best Suited For Your Hair

  • Regular Wax: Majority of the brands that sell hair wax, sell the ones that are easy to be applied but tough to be removed. This type of hair wax is easy on the pocket, but it can be a strain to get rid of.
  • This type of a wax is ideal for men who want to keep the same type of hairstyle during the entire day and don't plan to change their style any time in the day.
  • Water-Soluble Hair Wax: A few selected Indian and foreign brands create water-soluble hair wax that can be removed as easily as it is applied. This type of a wax is a tad more expensive than regular wax but better for those men who like to change their hairstyle often, maybe even twice in one day.
Types Of Hair Wax For Men And Ways To Use Them

How To Apply The Hair Wax On Your Hair

  • Since hair wax doesn't dry as easily as a hair gel, ensure that you use a very small dollop of it. Hair wax is best applied on to damp hair, not wet hair. To apply the selected wax, scoop out just a bit of the product with your index finger and spread it over your palms.
  • Your fingers should also be coated with the wax and then apply it over the hair, but not the scalp. You can style your hair by making spikes, curls or waves. You can also pat down curls while pushing them back to get a sophisticated yet trendy look.
Types Of Hair Wax For Men
  • Hair wax should preferably be washed off at the end of the day. Sleeping with the hair wax on can cause damage to your hair. This is especially true if you are sleeping with the hair wax on repeatedly.
  • To wash off hair wax, rinse your hair with either tepid or cool water. Take a sufficient amount of shampoo in your hand and create a nice lather.
Types Of Hair Wax For Men
  • Wash the shampoo off in 2 minutes and remove all remainders of shampoo from your hair. Dry your hair well.
  • Hair wax can be used a few times in a week. However, as the ingredients in this product are derived from synthetic-based compounds, it is always recommended to use any hair care product only when it is needed.

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