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The Top 7 Best Ways To Deal With Ingrown Hair At Home

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Ingrown hair is hair that has curled around and gone back into the skin, instead of rising from it.

It is also known as a razor bump and is mostly caused by faulty hair-removal practices like shaving or waxing. It is most common in people who have thicker and curlier hair.

Ingrown hairs rise after removing the hair in areas like beard, legs, and the pubic region. It is not a serious problem, but can definitely be irritating and annoying to have a rough, pricky skin because of it.

Ingrown hair mostly goes away on its own. But, sometimes, it can become inflamed and be very painful. For times like these, there are a few things you could try out to reduce your level of discomfort.

Usually, it should go away on its own, but if it doesn't, then don't just directly pluck out the hair with a tweezer.

Tough handling of ingrowths may actually worsen the situation even more, and the condition may get so bad that nothing would help. Instead, be patient and follow these home remedies. And do not itch or scratch the region if it gets inflamed.


Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is great in treating pimples and acne. But did you know it can also treat a lot of other skin problems like boils and even ingrown hair? Dab on some tea tree oil directly on the area and wait for it to heal. This would take just one day to work.


Aloe Vera Gel:

Applying aloe vera gel on the area would help cool down the inflammation and reduce the discomfort level to a great extent. So, this would basically stop you from scratching or picking at the ingrown hair, a habit that would only make the situation worse.



If an area of the body is burning or itching, ice seems to be the best option to cool it down or to even numb the area. This is another trick that would help you in preventing the itching and scratching of the area.



Make a sugar scrub out of powdered sugar and olive oil to gently exfoliate the area. Sugar helps get rid of the dead skin cells in the area; and with regular usage, it can even help pull out the ingrown hair to the surface, by removing the top layer of the skin.


Warm Compress:

Apply warm compress to the area every day using a towel. This will soften the skin in that region and make the hair get closer to the surface. Once it is optimally close to the surface, you can use a pair of sterile tweezers to pull it out.


Baking Soda:

We have all heard about baking soda being used as a mask for the treatment of pimples. Since ingrown hairs are after all closely related to pimples, you can use a paste of water and baking soda to treat this condition. This reduces pain, inflammation and swelling of the area with ingrown hair.



The quantity of water that cucumbers contain can make them a great home remedy to heal the areas that are inflamed and red because of the cooling effect they have. Refrigerate and cut some slices of a cucumber and rub the slices directly on the areas that are inflamed. The redness and inflammation will reduce to a great degree.

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