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Simple Tips To Prevent Wrinkles

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Wrinkles and fine lines start appearing on the skin as and when we progress with our age. Even though we cannot stop the process of ageing, it can be postponed by taking certain preventive measures.

Some of the reasons for wrinkles and fine lines include unbearable stress, lack of sleep, an improper diet and usage of harmful chemicals. These reasons can cause the early appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on face.

Once one gets affected by wrinkles, they start looking for various remedies to banish wrinkles. Some even undergo surgical treatments to get a wrinkle-free skin.

However, wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing can be prevented by following a few simple tips. These small little tips can go a long way in helping you to manage your skin effectively.

Simple measures like applying sunscreen, including antioxidants and avoiding sun's rays are very effective in eliminating wrinkles and age spots.

Likewise, there are some more essential measures one needs to take in order to prevent wrinkles. Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the simple ways to prevent wrinkles. Read on to know more about it.


Avoid Harmful Rays Of The Sun

Sun's rays is a crucial factor that can contribute to the ageing process. Harmful UV rays can damage the skin by making the skin dry and prone to dark spots and wrinkles. Thus, never forget to carry an umbrella or a hat when you step out of home the next time.


Sunscreen Is A Must

Never forget to apply a sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Opt for a sunscreen that has a high SPF. Use it during the winter season as well.


Antioxidants Are Important

As age progresses, taking in antioxidants becomes a must. Poor digestion and week metabolic system are responsible for weakening of the skin. Thus, make sure to add a lot of antioxidants to the diet for an improved result.


Quit Smoking And Alcohol

Smoking and drinking are the major factors that contribute to the ageing process. They play a havoc with the skin and take off all the moisture, making the skin more dry and paving a way for wrinkles to appear early.


Use Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe vera gel and egg white are enriched with vitamin E that boosts the skin cells. Make a paste of aloe vera gel and egg white. Apply it on to the skin. Leave it on for sometime and rinse it off.


Stay Relaxed:

Stress is also one of the main factors that can contribute to the early ageing process. Thus, learn the technique to calm yourselves down and stay relaxed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 7, 2016, 13:58 [IST]
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