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7 Tips To Keep Your Skin Super Happy During Menses

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Ladies, don't you feel terrible during that time of the month? From a bloated tummy to raging hormones, getting a period every month is no joke at all.

And to add to this misery, the skin too suffers. According to beauty experts, due to the high level of testosterone during the cycle, it often leads to sebum production and break outs.

Acne, boils and let's not even start about facial hair. We have a few more skin changes that takes place during those 7 days, and ladies we are here to help you battle the problem. To get rid of the raging acne on your forehead and chin, home remedies are the best.

Drinking plenty of water two to three days before your period date will also help to flush out the toxins from the body, helping you to get beautiful skin.

So, waste no more time, here are some tips to keep your skin super soft and happy during those 7 days of your menstruation, take a look: 


Calm Your Skin

Calm your skin down during those 7 days. Moisturise your skin with homemade creams and lotions, and this little trick will help to keep your skin soft and supple.


Make Your Skin Glow

During a period, the skin will tend to look pale and dull. If you want your skin to shine beautifully and naturally, the best tip you can follow is pampering your skin to homemade facials which include citrus fruits. The acids present in the fruit will help to cleanse your pores.


Exfoliate The Skin

Your skin will seem a little delicate at the time of your period. To pamper your skin, you need to exfolaite. Use a mild exfoliate ingredient so that your skin does not tear. Exfoliation will only help to remove the dead skin and promote a better texture.


Natural Hydration

Apart from drinking plenty of water in those 7 days, it is also necessary to pamper your skin with water based ingredients in the form of a facial. Indulge your skin to cool cucumber and curd massages. This treatment will help your skin to feel wonderful.


Get Rid Of Blackheads

Blackheads are always a problem whether you are on your period or not. To battle this ugly skin problem, the one thing you can do to reduce it is to go in for a natural nose scrub. Walnut scrub is the best since it contains vitamin E which will help to soften your skin after the removal of the blackheads.


Pimples And Boils

Period pimples are so not welcome and so is those nasty white boils. To treat pimples, home remedies are the best. You can either use aloe vera to get rid of the problem or you can treat your skin to a pimple facial which will remove the problem from the root.


Disgusting Facial Hair

If facial hair is a problem, then the best way to treat it is to use multani mitti on your face. Apply the pack on the face and when dry peel it off. You can also try bleaching your face with natural ingredients like lemon and vinegar.

Story first published: Thursday, April 7, 2016, 7:30 [IST]
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