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Relaxing Tips For Good Beauty Sleep

By: Ajanta Sen
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Are you a busy bee and don't have time to pamper yourself? You may have a busy lifestyle and may lack time to look after yourself; but in today’s age, you need to look good and be presentable.

No matter how busy your everyday life is, you are supposed to look your best when you are amidst your colleagues, friends or relatives.

So, in order to look good, you need an adequate amount of rest, which comes from a good night’s sleep. A good sleep is not only essential for your health but is also essential for your beauty.

Studies say that when you sleep, your skin rehydrates and recuperates from the last day. For a beauty sleep, you need at least 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep daily. However, if you are always on the go, you may have restless nights.

Thus, you need to know some of the best relaxing tips for a better beauty sleep. Below are the top tips for you to get a better beauty sleep every night, so that you can wake up looking fresh and rejuvenated the next morning.


Stick To A Routine

Sticking to a planned routine is one of the best relaxing tips for a better beauty sleep. People who make it a habit to follow a particular sleep schedule generally sleep better.

You can train yourself by going to bed at a particular time and waking up at a specific time daily. This way, your body will get used to falling asleep easily daily, at the same time; and after getting an adequate rest, you will not have any difficulty in waking up the next morning. You will also feel energetic throughout the day.


Rejuvenate Yourself

Rejuvenating yourself every night before hitting the bed is one of the most useful relaxing tips for a better beauty sleep. Remove your entire makeup and make sure to brush your teeth to keep away the bacteria.

If you don't have time to pamper yourself in the morning hours then treat yourself with some renowned and reliable overnight beauty products, so that you look your best when you wake up.


Create A Relaxing Environment

One of the most important tips for a beauty sleep is to have a soothing environment, where you can relax after a hectic day. A messy bedroom is definitely not a place where you can expect a good beauty sleep.

You ought to have a neat and organised bedroom with ample space, a nice aroma and some cozy pillows for a peaceful sleep.


Have A Japanese-Style Bath

Follow the Japanese style of bathing before going to bed. Soak yourself gently in warm water, this will improve your blood circulation and relax your mind and body.


Go For A Light Yoga Session

This is one of the best relaxing tips for a better beauty sleep. A light yoga, before going to bed, will help soothe you and get a better sleep.


Shut Down The Electronic Stuff

One of the numerous tips for a beauty sleep is to refrain yourself from watching TV, mobile, computer and laptop one hour before going to bed.

All these electronic stuff can disrupt your sleep by arousing your senses. Lying down with a nice book can be a good option instead before dozing off.


Cool Down

For a sound sleep, you need to cool down your body temperature. A hot and humid bedroom will give you a restless night, instead of a good sleep. So, make your bedroom comfortable by installing an air conditioner or a cooler for a relaxed sleep.

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Story first published: Sunday, January 10, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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