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7 Style Tips For Men Who Want The OOMPH Factor

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Who doesn't like being the centre of attention, right? In some way or the other, all of us want to be in the limelight. Not only at work, but also at a personal level.

We all want to look our best every single day. It doesn't matter if we are going to work or for an event. Looking good is the only end goal.

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To accomplish this mammoth task, many of us overuse hair care and skin care products. These products indeed make women look ravishing and men macho. However, with continued use, we end up with a damaged hair and rough skin!

Since men are more prone to quick hair fall and rough skin, as compared to women, it is important for men to use natural techniques to get the look they want.

Natural techniques don't just imply creams, gels and facials, they also imply a set of personal grooming techniques.

There are many well-known but forgotten safe, natural and effective techniques that can help men get the look they want so dearly!

This article is dedicated to all the men out there who want the OOMPH factor, without hurting their skin and hair. Power to you all!

Either Grow A Beard Or Shave It Off Completely: Irrespective of the option you choose, a well-maintained look should be the goal. If you have an itchy beard that you end up scratching every few minutes, you certainly will not be in the limelight. Well, not for good reasons at least.

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Get Rid Of Your Moustache: There have been various studies conducted to know what traits women like in men. Women tend to prefer men with a beard. Women consider men with a moustache as creepy. If you are ready to sacrifice your moustache to get the OOMPH factor, then remember to take the moustache off completely.

Get A Bike That Is Comfortable: Yes, you have the fanciest bike in your college. However, you can barely walk after getting off the bike! Try to strike a balance, get a bike that lets you look masculine without hurting your bones. If you prefer cars, then get a car that is safe, fast and looks good! If you look hard enough, you will find a car within your budget to suit your needs.

Wear Your Attitude On Your Sleeve: If you care about the things people say behind your back, this will not add to your OOMPH factor, but only to your blood pressure. Stick to your ground, do as you wish, but remember not to hurt anybody along the way!

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Don't Compare!: My bike is bigger than yours! I am better at football as compared to you! People who have an attitude don't need to prove a point by comparing and getting into meaningless arguments. Keep your mind cool and let results speak for themselves. Remember, you don't need the biggest and fastest bike, you need an attitude that makes people want to like you, even if they don't know you. A less-known and well-guarded fact is that people who care and have a genuine attitude are more liked than people who wear a fake attitude.

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Get A Jacket: Choose between a leather and a denim jacket! These 2 fashion accessories can add 10 points to your OOMPH meter. If you are a vegan or an animal lover, choose a synthetic jacket of good quality and accessories to suit your personal taste and looks.

Don't Be A Playboy: Macho men don't need a trail of hurt women to prove their masculinity. All they need is their attitude, bike and looks to tell the world who they really are!

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 11, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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