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How To Use Potato Juice To Remove Wrinkles

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Boiled or fried, baked or mashed - potato is very delicious and all individuals know of this fact.

But, not everybody knows that a potato is a wonderful product for making some amazing face masks. Furthermore, this starchy vegetable is the perfect cosmetic product to use.

Potatoes are natural, inexpensive and are an efficacious means for treating skin issues. The reason is in the chemical composition of potato tubers that contain many substances that are highly useful for the skin.

How To Use Potato Juice To Remove Wrinkles

Firstly, it has vitamin C that participates in the synthesis of collagen, a natural compound, giving firmness and elasticity to the skin and protecting the skin from early ageing and adverse external influences.

In potato tubers, there are specific proteins that activate the process of regeneration of the epidermal cells and promote healing of the wounds and cracks.

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As zinc and copper help to smoothen the small wrinkles, smoothening potato mask will surely be helpful in keeping ageing signs away.

You may need 2 tablespoons of potato starch and some warm water. Don't apply the mask on the area around the eyes and on the front surface of the neck. After 20 minutes, soften the starch mass with wet compress and after that rinse with hot water.

How To Use Potato Juice To Remove Wrinkles

Advice #1:
Mask from potato starch efficiently tightens the pores, stimulates the local blood circulation and has a smoothening effect on the skin. This is why it is recommended to make this mask often.

Envelopment from potato mash helps to make your hands soft. You will need 2-3 potatoes, 3-4 tablespoons of hot milk and water. Apply mashed potatoes to your hands and leave it on the skin for about half an hour.

How To Use Potato Juice To Remove Wrinkles

Advice #2:
Take decoction and wait until it cools down, then mix it with milk. Apply this to your face with light circular motions and keep it on for 10-15 minutes and later rinse to treat the early signs of ageing faster.

Lotion For Oily Skin
You will need 1/4th cup of raw potato juice and 1/4th cup of tomato juice. Peel and squeeze some potatoes and pour the resulting juice into the bottle. Clean the skin of face and neck with a cotton pad dipped in the prepared lotion to get rid of the oiliness.

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