Hacks To Make Your Legs Shine Like A Celebrity

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hacks to get shiny legs

When you see celebrities on TV, their legs seem to shine when they wear shorts or skirts. And you often end up wondering why your legs don't shine like that. Well, these hacks to get shiny legs will make your legs shine like celebrities in no time.

A lot of work goes into making their legs look that good. After all, it is their job to look like that and to set an example on the population. They are the trend-setters that people follow without question. But, you too can get shiny legs with just a little bit of effort and extra TLC.

Most of it lies in basic skin care of the body, but obviously celebrities have full body makeup on when they're on-screen. We are not suggesting a full body makeup here, as it can be quite tedious to do so. But, just a few hacks, and your legs will be shiny as theirs.

These are all very simple hacks that you can easily include in your routine. In fact, after a point of time, they would feel like habits to you.

Here are some of the hacks to make your legs shine like a celebrity! Take a look.

1. Exfoliate: Scrubbing is not just important for the face but also for the body. It helps polish the skin and removes dead skin cells. It also prevents ingrown hair, a factor very important in attaining smooth and shiny legs.

hacks to get shiny legs

2. Dry Brush: Dry brushing is said to help get rid of the dead skin cells and even helps get rid of cellulite. Visible cellulite is a huge problem if you're trying to get shiny legs.

hacks to get shiny legs

3. In-Shower Oil: Oil your body before you take a shower. This helps prevent excessive dryness. And it is one of the most important hacks to get shiny legs.

hacks to get shiny legs

4. Body Butter: Regular moisturiser just won't cut it if you're wishing for shiny legs. You must go for a body butter. Body butters are more hydrating and make the shine last all day long as they deeply nourish the cells and keep them hydrated for long.

hacks to get shiny legs

5. Glycerin: If you have severely dry skin, then trust us, glycerin can actually save you. We have tried it out and it has worked even on painful, dry skin that was breaking out into rashes. So, this is definitely got to be an important step to get celebrity-like shiny legs.

hacks to get shiny legs

6. Shimmer Lotion: And lastly, a little bit of body makeup can never harm anyone. Apply a little shimmer lotion on your legs, focusing on the areas that the light would hit. And that's how you get drool-worthy shiny legs just like the celebrities!

hacks to get shiny legs
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Story first published: Friday, December 2, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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