Easy Ways To Get Soft And Pink Lips At Home

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Rosy pink lips is a desire for almost all women. However, due to sun exposure, harsh climatic conditions, dryness of the lips, smoking and usage of cheap cosmetic products our lips tend to appear dark and ugly. Lip pigmentation requires special care and attention to treat it.

Dark lips may look ugly on the face and it certainly diminishes one's overall appearance. Therefore, there is a need to remove this pigmentation from the lips.

Removing the pigmentation on the lips can get easier if you make use of certain remedies to treat it. There are a whole lot of natural remedies available to get rid of dark and pigmented lips.

Using natural ingredients over a period of time removes the darkness from the lips, and makes the lips appear pink and soft. Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the easy natural ways to get pink and soft lips. Read on to know more about it.

Easy Ways To Get Soft And Pink Lips

Ghee And Turmeric: A mixture of ghee and turmeric is ideal to get rid of the lip pigmentation fast. Mix turmeric powder with a desired amount of ghee, apply this mixture on to the lips. Leave it on for an hour or so and then rinse it off to get soft and pink lips.

Easy Ways To Get Soft And Pink Lips

Pomegranate Seed Paste: Pomegranate seed paste can also be applied to get rosy lips. It scrubs the lips and helps get rid of the dark pigmentation. Pomegranate seed paste can also be mixed with ghee to get effective results.

Rose Petals: Rose petals has the ability to lighten the pigmentation when applied on a regular basis. Apply the paste of rose petals on the lips, leave it overnight and rinse it off the next morning. Follow this method for a month for best results

Milk Cream: Applying milk cream on to the lips softens the lips and helps remove dead skin cells. When mixed with turmeric, it helps to remove the dark pigmentation. Mix milk cream with turmeric. Mix it well and apply it on to the lips and wash it off.

Easy Ways To Get Soft And Pink Lips

Glycerin And Lemon Juice: A mixture of glycerin and lemon juice has the ability to remove the pigmentation from the lips. Mix equal amounts of glycerin and lemon juice. Apply it on to the lips, before going to bed, and wash it off the next morning.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 11:31 [IST]
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