Best Tricks For A French Manicure

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Whether it is a chic look or a sophisticated corporate look, French manicure has its own charm to make your hands and fingers look awesome.

If you want to make your fingers look adorable, why not try this type of a manicure? Yes, you can go to any saloon for this. However, doing something on your own has its own charm, right?

With easy tricks for a French manicure, you can have party-ready fingers right at your home.

If you’re not fond of gorgeous nail colours, then French manicure is the best thing that you must try.

The pink base with milky white tips makes your fingers look cute and sophisticated as well.

With simple tips for a French manicure, you don’t need to be messy while doing it at home. Today, the authentic French manicure style has changed a lot and girls like to experiment new things.

They like glitters and designs, polka dots and Christmas nails.Whatever design you pick, you must have healthy nails.

Always trim your nails and keep those clean regularly. Get rid of the bad habits like chewing or biting on your nails.

These bad habits can make your nails weak and brittle. Keep the cuticles clean and remove the dead skin cells. Now, check out the tricks for a French manicure at home and do give it a try.


1.Pick The Materials:

Before following the simple tips for a French manicure, you need the tools. Nail filer, two nail colours (one for the tip and the other for the rest of your fingers), top coat, nail tapes, and a small brush are needed. What do you need more? Patience, dear.


2.Washing And Trimming:

Now, wash your hands well and massage your fingers with a gentle moisturiser. This will make your fingers relax. Next step is to trim your nails and file those. You can have square nails or make those curved like your cuticles. Isn't it one among the easiest tricks for a French manicure?


3.Use Nail Guide:

Following these simple tips for a French manicure can be fun. Take the nail guide and cover the nail tips firmly. Make sure that it sticks well to your nail tips. Otherwise, the nail colour will spread on the nail tips. You don't want that, right?


4.Colour Rest Of The Nail:

Among the tricks for a French manicure, this will come next. Take your desired colour and paint the rest of the nails smoothly. Let one coat dry completely and repeat another.


5.Use Colour B:

When colour A is completely dry, take colour B and paint the full length of your nails. Again wait for it to dry. Now, apply the top coat on your nails. You should apply it twice to make your nails brighter.


6.Clean Up Any Excess:

If you're working with white and pink nail colours, it will be easier to clean without leaving behind any extras. Always keep cotton buds to clean up the extra nail colours effectively. Be careful. You don't want it to smudge, right?

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Story first published: Sunday, January 31, 2016, 22:00 [IST]
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