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Beauty Secrets From Sunny Leone, Which Every Girl Must Know!

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Time and again, we all look at celebrities on the big screen, television or magazines and a hint of envy sprouts in our minds, right?

The celebrities with their flawless skin, perfect hair and super-fit bodies can definitely make the rest of us feel quite inadequate and also keep us wondering how they manage to look so gorgeous all the time!

Well, most of us may already know that celebrities hire expensive stylists, makeup artists and some even take the help of doctors to help tweak their looks.

However, we must realise that most celebrities do possess a natural charm and they follow strict beauty and fitness regimens to maintain their good looks.

Most of us would have a favourite celebrity whom we look up to and draw inspiration from to help ourselves improve our looks and physique.

Bollywood's latest and the hottest celebrity, Sunny Leone, has managed to charm the world with her alluring, sultry good looks.

Recently, she has come out to the world with a few tips from her daily beauty regimen.

So, here are a few of Sunny Leone's beauty secrets that you could follow too, have a look!


1. Tone Your Body

Sunny Leone says that a toned body can improve your overall appearance and she works out at a gym, at least 3 times in a week!


2. Yoga For Good Skin

The sizzling celebrity says that she practices yoga even while she is travelling, as it helps keep her skin glowing and youthful!


3. Healthy Eating

Sunny says that she loads up on fruits, vegetables and salads instead of snacking on junk food, as the antioxidants in healthy foods keep her refreshed and also give her an amazing complexion.


4. Milk For Beauty

Sunny Leone says that she tries to include a healthy amount of milk in her daily diet, as milk can nourish the skin and make her skin appear radiant from within.


5. Makeup Free

This hot celebrity says that although she is required to apply a lot of makeup while she is working, she ensures that she tries to go makeup free whenever possible, as too much makeup can ruin the complexion.


6. Stay Hydrated

Sunny Leone is often seen carrying a water bottle, and she ensures that she drinks at least 8 glasses of water per day to maintain healthy skin and hair.


7. Self-Confidence

Lastly, Sunny believes that self-confidence is key to making a person appear beautiful. She advices people to embrace their natural looks and be confident!

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Story first published: Friday, July 15, 2016, 15:45 [IST]
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