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Beauty Habits To Follow Every Night

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Our skin and hair are more prone to damage because we spend most of the time outdoors. The harmful rays of the sun, environmental factors and air pollutants play a major havoc to our skin and hair.

When we sleep, our skin revitalises and rejuvenates itself. Thus, by following a few simple steps, one can make the skin look more healthier and help maintain its elasticity and tenderness.

A proper night skin care and hair routine are necessary to make the skin glow and hair lustrous. As our skin rejuvenates itself during the night, it is essential to keep it makeup free and totally devoid of chemicals.

Following this helps to improve the skin tone, make the skin glow, reduce blemishes and hydrate the skin. Hence, there is a need for everyone to indulge in the night skin and hair care regimen to look beautiful.

There is a list of steps to undertake every night before going to bed. Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the beauty habits one needs to follow every night. Read on to know more about it.


Remove Makeup

Some women have the habit of sleeping with their makeup on. This habit will make the skin worse. It causes acne, clogged pores and also hastens the process of ageing. Thus, it is better to remove every bit of makeup before hitting the bed.


Use Two Pillows

Using two pillows prevents eye puffiness. Yes, the gravity doesn't let the lymph and blood to accumulate under the eyes and the face. So, make use of two thin pillows while you sleep.


Petroleum Jelly For The Feet:

Never forget to apply petroleum jelly or foot cream on dry and rough skin, specially in case of heels of the feet. It prevents further cracking of the heels and makes the feet super soft. Cover the feet with socks and hit the bed.


Apply Hand Cream

Apply hand cream to the hands every night to make them smooth and soft throughout the day. It keeps the hands well moisturised all night long. It is best to use a mild hand cream.


Comb Your Hair

Make sure to comb your hair before going to bed, as it helps to detangle the hair strands and makes the hair more manageable. It also encourages blood circulation and helps to stop hair fall.


Do Not Tie Your Hair

Do not tie your hair before going to bed. Tying the hair may entangle the hair, resulting in more hair fall. Therefore, keep your hair open while you sleep and let those strands breathe free.

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Story first published: Monday, March 28, 2016, 11:03 [IST]
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