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Bath Soak Ingredients For Unbelievably Smooth Skin

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Baths can be therapeutic in so many ways, from clearing the mind to curing muscle aches and getting rid of the dead skin cells. This is one of the best ways to keep the dead skin away.

Dry skin can be irritating at best and painful at worst when it cracks. And if you have a particular type of skin, then there are more chances that dry skin can strike you at any given time of the year.

In this article, today, we've shared information on some of the best bath soak ingredients that you can use to get rid of dry skin, which will also help to soothe your dry skin.

Find out more about these interesting bath soak ingredients that you can try to keep your skin soft and healthy. Listed below are bath soak ingredients to heal dry skin and even prevent it, in the first place.

To rejuvenate your senses and also help you attain a calm mind, give these ingredients a try!

So, read on to know more about the different bath soak ingredients that you can use, especially to treat dry skin.


Olive Oil

If your skin is not terribly dry, then you may not like the slick feeling this oil can give your skin, but it is a good choice to get a smooth, even skin. Add some olive oil in your bathtub and get mesmerised in the heavenly feeling!


Epsom Salt

Epsom salt can be added to almost any bath recipe. It's a good source of magnesium and makes the skin feel soft and smooth. So, add some Epsom salt in the bathing routine.



If you're suffering from dry, itchy or irritated skin, this is a perfect ingredient that can soothe your skin. It helps to remove dead skin cells and keeps your skin even.



Add a few tea bags to your bath, as this is an easy recipe for reviving the skin. Green tea is a perfect tea choice for toning your body and cooling your dry skin. If you want a great before-bed relaxer, use chamomile tea.


Baking Soda

Baking soda is a simple ingredient you can use to add a nice feel to your skin. This ingredient helps to soothe and also detoxifies your skin. It's also a natural exfoliant that can help fight acne.



Try a rose milk bath, the next time, if you need a little more indulgence. Add rose petals and rose water in your regular bathing routine, as it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties.

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