Are Hot Showers Bad For Skin

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No doubt, showering daily is an important part of a hygiene routine. But, have you ever thought of such a situation where showering itself can harm your skin's health? Yes, this occurs with hot showers.

A hot shower is famous for its ability to relieve tension and soothe the stiff muscles. However, if you make this a habit, chances are more that you will suffer many skin problems.

When hot water comes in contact with our skin, the skin's oils soften. The use of soap will make the condition more worse. When this oil barrier is not present on the skin, you will experience dry, itchy and scaly skin.

Is a hot shower safer for the skin? It is true that nothing is more relaxing than a good hot shower bath. The key here is to control and manage the temperature of the water and the time that you are spending under the shower.

Too much hot water is not a good option for a healthy skin, and remember that it will not bring any benefit for your skin.

You may wonder if hot showers are bad for your skin; hence, here we will discuss some tips that will clear your doubts on how to make hot showers safe. Read on for more information.


Do you really need it?
It is important to decide whether you really need hot water showers regularly or not. A hot shower is recommended mainly for soothing muscles and relieving pain.

If you are not having any related health issues, it is better to prefer cold water shower or a warm water shower.

Manage the temperature

Manage the temperature
Avoid water that is too hot while you are proceeding to have a shower. Too much hot water can cause skin redness, itching, scaling and skin drying.

The loss of natural moisture will also leave your skin more susceptible for skin infections. It will also increase acne outbreaks due to the excess production of oil to compensate the lack of moisture.

Reduce bathing time

Reduce bathing time
It is a good idea to reduce the duration that you spend under a hot shower. Allowing hot water to come in contact with your skin for a longer period of time can make the condition worse.

This will increase the severity of the skin problems, especially those associated with dry skin. This is more important if you are using a bath tub.

Avoid harsh soaps

Avoid harsh soaps
Harsh soaps itself can damage your skin by stripping off the natural moisture from your skin. When this is combined with the use of too much hot water, the effect can be doubled.

Mild soaps that are free of fragrance will be a better choice in this case. If you still doubt whether hot showers are bad for the skin, you can also prefer moisturising shower gels or moisturising soap bars over the regular soap bars.


Moisturise your skin
A moisturised skin is the key for a beautiful skin. This will prevent wrinkles and scaling of the skin. So, if you are particular about taking hot showers, it is better to use a moisturising cream after taking a bath.

For best results, you can apply the moisturiser when your skin is still wet. Therefore, the question if hot showers are bad for the skin will no longer remain a doubtful question if you follow these tips.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 9, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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