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Daily Tips For Healthy Skin

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Healthy glowing skin is not a free gift for most of us as we have to constantly put in some efforts in the process of keeping it healthy.

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In fact, you need to put in more efforts than ever as our environment is filled with more pollutants and toxins. On the top of it, seldom do we eat healthy food; we prefer fast foods that do no good to the health or the skin.

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So, you might need to spend some time every day and follow some healthy skin tips. The more attention you give your skin, the better it will look. You may not need to use make up to cover your blemishes if you keep your skin healthy. So, let us discuss some tips for fair skin.


Protect The Skin From Pollutants

Health experts say that consuming foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids can protect the skin from pollutants. Consume fish for this purpose.


Lubricate Your Insides With Water

Every organ in your body needs water to perform well. Your skin too needs more water to flush out the dirt and prevent acne.


Postpone Wrinkles

Your skin may lose elasticity due to sun exposure too. Using sunscreen may protect your skin from premature wrinkles.


Use A Soap-Free Cleanser

Simply remember this: your face needs a sop-free cleanser. Also, oily skin needs a cleanser that keeps the skin oily and dry skin needs a cleanser that hydrates the skin more. These are basic requirements.


Boost The Circulation

Exercise can work like a good cosmetic by enhancing your circulation through out the body. never miss your workouts.


Use An Astringent

some toners can cleanse your skin efficiently and shrink your pores a bit. Use a good astringent that makes your skin look good.


Get Some Vitamins

When your skin gets enough of Vitamins, it can stay firm. Consume lemon juice, almonds, apples and butter to fortify your skin.

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Story first published: Friday, October 23, 2015, 19:37 [IST]
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