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Things We Should Avoid Doing Every Night

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Don't we all have our bad habits? At night, before hitting the sack, it is essential for women to follow basic beauty rules, which can help pamper the skin and treat it with care.

Ignoring those little hygienic rules like forgetting to remove makeup or not combing the tresses, will only cause harm to the skin and thereby cause acne breakouts and other skin and hair related problems.

Common Beauty Fixes Every Girl Must Know

Looking after your skin 24/7 is a tedious job, but if it becomes a habit, it can be followed with ease and no trouble. Some women have a pattern of sleeping on their tummy through the night. Did you know that this sleep position will cause the breasts to sag in the long term as you age and it can also cause the onset of wrinkles too? Strangely, those midnight chats on the mobile phone are of high risk, not only for one's health but for the skin as well.

Today, Boldsky gives its readers some of the night time habits which could be ruining the skin and hair. Take a look at these habits which are damaging your beautiful looks. Pay attention to these beauty tips and stop following those sinful habits without delay.

Beauty Hacks For Busy Women

Beauty Tips To Not Do At Night

Sleeping On The Hair - Never sleep on the hair as this habit will lead to hair breakage. It will also weaken the hair follicles due to the friction while you toss and turn.

Drinking Alcohol Before Bed Time - Downing those drinks before bed time is one of the things you should stop doing. This ugly habit interferes with the skin's process of repairing and rejuvenating at night.

Sleeping On The Tummy - It is advisable to not sleep on the stomach at night. Sleeping on the stomach will ruin the skin and also your breasts, causing them to sag, as the pressure leads to the formation of wrinkles on the chest.

Beauty Tips To Not Do At Night

Sleeping In An AC Room - Sleeping in an AC or a room with a heater harms the skin. The high and low temperatures makes the skin dry by absorbing the moisture, and this leads to wrinkled and saggy skin.

Beauty Tips To Not Do At Night

Those Late Night Chats - The screen of a mobile phone is a breeding ground for bacteria. When the phone is placed on the face, the bacteria affects the skin resulting in a pimple outbreak. On the other hand, constantly looking at the phone will make give rise to saggy eyes and dark circles.

Forgetting To Change The Linen - It is important to change the bed linen once a week. It is also vitally important to change the pillow cover since sleeping on a dirty case will cause an out break of acne, due to the presence of oil and dead cells/skin on the pillow.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 19, 2015, 21:01 [IST]
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