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10 Ways To Use Pumice Stone On Your Body


Skin care should be the most important thing on your daily schedule. As a woman, you should find at least 15 minutes in a day to pamper yourself. There are some women who love to use a pumice stone for various reasons on the body.

The natural substance is best used as a body scrub to remove the dead cells on the body. It is also used as an exfoliation remedy to treat skin which is sensitive to smoother scrubs like walnut and almonds. Apart from removing unwanted hair on your body, there are other ways to use pumice stone on the body.


Today, Boldsky shares with you a handful of ways in which pumice stone helps to keep your skin alive and bright. You should also know that this stone is good for blood circulation in the body, which makes your skin glow.

Here are some of the perfect reasons for you to use pumice stone, take a look:


Pumice Stone For Better Skin Tone

To improve your skin tone massage your body with a pumice stone. Doing this trick regularly will help to improve the blood circulation in the body thus making your skin look naturally pink.


Pumice Stone For Dry Skin

To treat dry skin using a pumice stone is one of the best remedies. Soak the pumice stone in plain water with soap and then rub the dry skin.


Pumice Stone For Cracked Heels

To make your cracked heels soft first soak your feet in water with soap. After 15 minutes use a pumice stone to gently massage your skin. Following this trick twice in a week will help.


Pumice Stone For Hair Removal

Hair removal remedies are many but nothing can beat a pumice stone. Remove the hair from your face by gently massaging your skin after using a face mask.


Pumice Stone For Corns

Corns can be treated with the help of a pumice stone. When your feet or hands are wet post a bath, rub the stone over the corn to remove the dead skin.


Pumice Stone For Hands

To make your hands feel soft and young, washing your hands with a pumice stone once in a week will work wonders.


Pumice Stone For Blackheads

Pumice stone is effective even for blackheads on your body. However, make sure that when you massage or remove the blackhead your skin is soft.


Pumice Stone For Pores

Pores can be cleaned with the help of a pumice stone. If you have big pores cleansing your skin once in a week with this natural substance will help to do you good.


Pumice Stone For Dark Skin

To improve the complexion on your skin, massage your body with a pumice stone. To remove dark lines on your skin, soak the stone in soap water and then use everyday.


Pumice Stone For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be decreased if you use the pumice stone everyday while having a bath.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 26, 2015, 18:31 [IST]
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