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Step By Step Manicure Tips To Follow At Home

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Nails need to be cared and looked after. If you're blessed with long nails, it is important to get a manicure done at least twice a month. Spending an hour on pampering your nails will only make them shine naturally.

On the other hand, there are some women who spend countless hours at the salon getting their nails fixed. If you lack time, here are 10 step-by-step manicure tips to keep in mind, while doing it yourself at home.

Even if your nails are short, it is essential to pamper your nails. Even for short nails, focus on the cuticle of the nail as by doing so, you can prevent ingrown nail growth, hang nails, splitting, peeling, and other related nail problems.

Experts suggest that it is a must for working women to exfoliate their hands at least once a week. By doing so, you will be able to get rid of the dry skin. It will also promote nail growth, since exfoliation increases blood circulation in the hands and nails when it is massaged.

These tips which help you to do a manicure at home requires for you to be patient. So, sit back, relax and give yourself the best manicure treatment:


Remove Nail Polish

Begin by removing the polish from the nail with the help of a nail remover or acetone liquid. Make sure that you clean the nail clean and leave it free from polish.


Exfoliate Hands

Use a homemade hand exfoliator and massage it on the skin. Focus on the sides and the insides, and even in between your fingers. This scrub helps get rid of dry skin, leaving the hands to feel soft.


Soak Thy Hands

Now, soak your hands in warm salt water. If you want that extra attention, add a few rose petals to the warm water and squeeze the juice from the petals on your soft hands. When done, wipe the hands dry using a soft cotton cloth.


Cut The Fingernails

After soaking the hands in warm water, the nails will be soft and easy to cut. Therefore, cut the fingernails and remove the dirt from under and sides of the nail.


Shape Them Up

After clipping those claws, shape your nails with a shaper. The trendy shapes you can try out are almond shape, stilettos, oval, rounded, coffin and square shapes.


Apply A Primer

Now, use a primer on the nails to remove the extra moisture from the nail. Primer helps the nail to get polish ready.


Now Apply The Polish

Apply the polish from the middle of the nail and work your way out. The second coating should then begin from the cuticle right to the tip of the nail.


Seal The Tips

When you're done with the second application of nail polish, seal the tips and make sure there is no nail polish left behind on the skin.


Top That Transparent Coat

When the polish is dry, apply a thin coat of transparent nail polish. This protects the coloured nail polish so that it does not fade away quickly.


Now Dry The Polish

The last step of the manicure is to allow the nails to dry completely.

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