Myths About Sagging Breasts

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Sagging of breast is a major beauty problem that most women face. There are many causes of this such as age, hormonal issues, post pregnancy, weight loss and, sometimes, weight gain.

Taking proper care of your breasts is very important to prevent it from sagging. Eat healthy, do some chest exercises and breast massages, and drink a lot of water. Some diseases also cause sagging of breasts such as chest diseases.

There are plenty massage creams available in market today that can be used to increase breast firmness. The chemicals present in these creams can cause various health problems. Therefore, you must use natural treatments instead to treat this problem.

Regaining the firmness of saggy breasts is very important for you to look elegant and beautiful. Before finding a remedy for your sagging breasts, it is important to understand the myths and facts about sagging breasts.

These facts and myths about sagging breasts will help you to know more about them and helps in their effective treatment. Scroll down to know the myths about sagging breasts.


Breast Exercises Can Prevent Breast Sagging!

There are no muscles in your breasts, so there is no question of firming them with an exercise. However, exercises of the chest can add some firmness to your breasts. Doing Pushups can shape your breasts and help you to reduce the excess fat deposits around the chest. Weight lifting, chest presses and dumbbells can also help in firming the breasts.


Sagging Breasts Are Caused By Breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding can never lead to sagging of breasts. It is the weight loss after pregnancy that can lead to the sagging. Have foods rich in good fats and eat plenty of nuts. This is one of the most common myths of sagging breasts.


Wearing A Bra Can Prevent The Sagging!

Another common myth about sagging breasts is that your bra helps to prevent the breast from sagging. It is not true that if you wear a bra 24/7, it will prevent or treat this issue. However, a nice-fitted bra can give support to your sagged breasts.


Small Breasts Don't Sag!

It is a myth that only big breasts can sag. It depends on the ratio of fat and breast tissue that decides whether your breasts can sag or not. More fat and less tissue is prone to this sagging problem.


Maintaining A Right Posture Can't Help!

No, this is false. Your body posture plays an important role in firming the breasts. When you lower your shoulder forward, your breasts are subjected to the gravity which can make them to sag.


Smoking Has No Effects On The Breasts!

This is a myth. Smoking causes sagging of the breasts by breaking down the collagen and elastin fibres of your breasts, as the support system of your breasts is broken from inside it can cause the sagging issue.


Once The Breasts Are Sagged, You Can't Do Anything!

This is just a myth and you can make your breasts firm and tight by some using some best home remedies. Eat healthy foods, massage with oils, drink water and do some chest exercises. This myth about sagging breasts can prevent you from regaining their firmness.

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