MUST READ: Blood Red Wine Nourishes Your Skin!

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Red wine it is indeed one of my favourite drinks.... It is also one of my favourite ingredients that I usually use on my skin to get rid of all those nasty looking dark spots and other skin problems.

Though it is an expensive skin care ingredient, the chemicals which are present in red wine will help to nourish your skin thus helping you to look stunning, flawless and keeps your skin away from problems like acne and unwanted hair too.


Bathing in red wine once in a month is essential for women of today. The aroma of red wine helps to de-stress you too! All you need to do is add a bottle of red wine to your bath water and pamper your skin every month with this natural remedy.

Red wine when used on your body also helps to get rid of stretch marks, so moms who have recently given birth can use this ingredient to lighten the stretch marks on their tummy.

Here are some of the other beauty uses of red wine for the body, take a look:


Gets Rid Of Stretch Marks

If you want to get rid of those ugly looking stretch marks, massage your tummy with red wine. Doing this once in a week will help to lighten the marks.


Gets Rid Of Body Acne

Acne is one of the common skin problems all of us face and we should blame pollution and our oily diet! To get rid of acne on your body, dip a cotton swab in red wine and dab it over the acne. Do this twice in the day to help get rid of the acne along with the scar.


Gets Rid Of Blemishes

Blemishes can be lightened in a week if you have a red wine bath twice in 7 days. Don't apply body lotion on the blemishes after this bath.


Gets Rid Of Body Hair

Tired of waxing and shaving the hair from your legs and hands? Well, if yes, try massaging your body hair with red wine. The properties present in the wine will deaden the hair follicles, thus helping them to fall off with ease.


Gets Rid Of Dark Spots

To get rid of dark spots on the body, you need to add the juice of one whole lemon to one glass of red wine. Massage the spots with this mixture and after 15 minutes rinse it off.


Gets Rid Of Wrinkles

Lighten those ugly looking wrinkles on your body with the help of red wine. Bathe in wine twice in the week to help deal with the wrinkles.


Gets Rid Of Large Pores

Large pores can be reduced with the help of red wine. Combine red wine and milk to a solution. Massage this mixture on your body to reduce the large pores in a week.


Gets Rid Of Dry Skin

Dry skin can be treated with red wine. Add one glass of red wine and one cup of milk to your bath water. Bathe with this solution twice in the week to help treat dry skin naturally.


Gets Rid Of Moles

Don't opt for chemically based treatments to get rid of moles. You can massage the mole region with strong red wine to help deal with the skin problem.

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