8 Beauty Tips For Girls On Tight Budget

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When it comes to saving money, girls are a little hesitant, as most of them are shopping freaks. However, there comes a time when we regret for all the money we have wasted, as the things we purchased in haste become useless after a while. In this case, these things become a sheer waste to us.

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Girls, you must learn the art of saving money, besides your shopping spree. Especially those who have a limited lot of money to spend on their shopping. In this article, we will give you tips on how to avoid wastage and save money.

You must learn some simple tips to save money on your cosmetics and clothing and avoid wastage, so that next time you will have enough money left with you to buy your favorite clothing or a makeup product.

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Here, we will specially share with you how to increase the life of your cosmetics and save money on your clothing. Now you can use your old lipsticks to make a new lip colour and increase the life of your mascara. Have a look at these 8 ways to save money when on a tight budget.


How To Make A Mascara Last Long

If you find out that your mascara is drying up, add a few drops of olive oil and salt water inside it. Later put the bottle in a cup of hot water for a few minutes.


Home-made Makeup Remover

You can save your money on makeup removers by making your own at home. Use baby oil or baby shampoo, almond oil, olive oil to remove makeup effectively. They are mild on your skin and more effective than the costly branded makeup removers.


Long-lasting Bronzer Trick

To make your bronzer last long, add a little of moisturiser to it. For this, you have to buy a darker shade first, so that after mixing it with the moisturiser, you can get the shade of bronzer you want.


Use Coconut Oil Instead Of Lip Balm

To keep your lips soft and supple, apply a little of pure coconut oil on them. This will save your money and make your lips look great without a costly lip balm. Apply this during the night, so that you can get soft lips in the morning.


To Save Your Foundation From Wastage

If you have a costly foundation, you can save it for a long time by applying it using a small brush or a cotton swab, rather than using a makeup sponge or a puff. They absorb quite a nice quantity of your foundation that goes waste.


Use The Old Lipsticks

If you have plenty of old, used lipsticks and you are bored of applying the same colour, you need not worry, as you can get a new lip colour from your old one without spending a penny. Melt your old lipsticks in a microwave and then mix them with a balm. You can get a new lip colour by blending them.


Out-Of-Season Shopping

A good tip to save money is to buy your winter clothes in summer only (if available) and vise versa. This is because there are good discounts available on out-of-season clothes usually. In this way, you won't buy anything in a hurry, and that too at an expensive price, during the season.


Buy More Sale Clothing

Whenever theres a sale on your favorite clothes, try to purchase a few more of them at that time. This will save your money, as the next time you want to buy clothes they may not be available for the same price.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 19, 2015, 23:01 [IST]
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