Beauty Benefits Of Dry Brushing

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Generally we all tend to pay a lot of attention to our face and skin by exfoliating it regularly and massaging and moisturising it often. But have you realised when was the last time we had paid attention to the rest of skin on your body.

Skin is often called as the third kidney of our body as it has the same functions as the kidneys. When the colon does not get all the toxins out there are breakouts just the same way when the skin is not timely cleaned there are chances of breakouts in skin.

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Sadly our skin does not receive nutrients as blood circulates through the body. This is one of the reason why one needs to use dry brushing method to improve blood circulation and improve the skin texture.

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In this article we are here to discuss about the unique beauty benefits of dry brushing. Read on to know more about these beauty benefits and enjoy a glowing skin.


Baby Soft Skin

Dry brushing helps to improve the skin texture and promotes skin renewal by removing the excess dead skin at the surface of the skin. This is one of the best beauty benefits of dry brushing your skin.


Eliminates Acne Causing Toxins

Body brushing stimulates good blood circulation of blood and lymph through the skin and body. This helps to eliminate acne causing toxins from the body. This is one of the beauty benefits of dry brushing.


Skin Tightening

Dry brushing helps to tighten the skin as the blood circulation improves and makes the skin supple and soft. This is one of the natural way to look youthful.


Stimulates Skin Glands

Through dry brushing you will be stimulating your hormonal and sebaceous glands under the skin. This helps to activate the glands under the skin for proper functioning. This stimulating of glands helps to give a younger and smoother skin.


Unclogs Blocked Pores

The skin does not breathe easily due to acne, blackheads and dead debris on the skin. By dry brushing your skin regularly helps to improve the blood circulation and unclog the pores easily.


Strengthens Immune System

Dry brushing helps to strengthen immune system. It helps to fight germs and eliminates toxins at a quicker rate as it removes acne and avoids inflammatory conditions.


Nourishes Your Skin

It increases the blood flow and circulation around your body and helps to provide nutrients filled blood to each and every nerve under the skin. This helps to keep the skin nourished.

These are the few tips of dry brushing. If you have any suggestions then do share with us in the comment section.

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