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Beauty Benefits Of Brahmi

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Brahmi herb is known for its various beauty benefits. It is soothing to skin and scalp as well. It promotes a healthy hair growth and cleanses the skin making it glow.

Brahmi also known as Bocopa monneri is a medicinal herb and holds a significant place in Indian Ayurveda. It is enriched with compounds such as Brahmine, herpistine, flavonoids, betulic acid and alkaloids. This herb has been used since ages for its unique beauty and health benefits.

Brahmi is popularly known for boosting memory. It enhances cognitive ability, reduces stress, treats insomnia and epilepsy. Some of its therapeutic uses ensures smooth functioning of liver, kidneys and lungs.

Read on to know more beauty benefits of Brahmi.

Beauty Benefits Of Brahmi

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Improves Skin Complexion: The antioxidant property of Brahmi removes all toxins from the body and improves skin complexion by stimulating cell regeneration.

Beauty Benefits Of Brahmi

Nourishes Scalp: Intake of Brahmi results in thick and lustrous hair. It nourishes the scalp by preventing dandruff.

Strengthens Hair: It is an excellent remedy for all hair problems. It strengthens hair roots, prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth as well.

Beauty Benefits Of Brahmi

Treats Acne: Brahmi is one of the best remedy for acne and acne prone skin. It combats acne and makes the skin clear.

Beauty Benefits Of Brahmi

Heals Wound: According to a study, Brahmi also has heal wounding properties. It rejuvenates skin and heal wounds efficiently.

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