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6 Best Home Remedies For Winter Itch


Cold temperatures and decreased humidity in winter can have vast impact on the body. This time of the year brings along with itself itchy and dry skin. Commonly known as 'winter itch,' this problem is a result of moisture loss and reduced humidity levels. For some people, a history of skin allergies and eczema makes them prone to this winter disease. All these factors aggravates itchiness that cause winter itch. Some effective home remedies for winter itch can easily cure this problem.

Winter itch may happen all over the body or just one location such as hip and thighs. People mostly rely on body lotions and creams to tackle this winter body problem. However, these are just temporary solutions and there are various home remedies available right at the comfort of your kitchen.

If you suffer from winter itch, it is advisable to have short hot showers, use fragrance-free soaps and wear comfortable and soft clothes. This should be done on a regular basis during winter. Besides, you can choose any one of the following home remedies for winter itch. Take a look.


A natural exfoliant and moisturiser, oatmeal is rich in vitamin E which retains moisture in the skin by forming a barrier. Grind one cup of oatmeal into a fine powder. Add a little water to the oatmeal powder to form a thick paste. Apply this mixture on the itchy skin, cover it with a cloth and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash it off with normal water. Do this daily to prevent skin itchiness. This is one of the best winter itch home remedies.

Alternatively, you can also put two cups of oatmeal powder into your bathtub and soak yourself to relieve itchy skin.


Malai (Milk Cream)

Malai or milk cream is an age-old technique used to treat dry skin in winter. To soothe winter itch, mix two teaspoons of milk cream with a teaspoon of milk and a squeeze of lime juice. Apply this mixture on the dry and itchy areas of the body and wash it off after 30 minutes. For those who do not mind the smell of malai, they can simply rub it on the affected parts and leave it overnight. In morning, you will wake up to well-moisturised, soft and supple skin.


Oil is thick and provides effective protection against winter itch rashes. You can either use olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil to massage on your body after bath. If you have few extra minutes, heat the oil and then apply on the body. Make sure not to drench yourself in the oil to avoid stickiness. Just use the required amount of oil for the body. This method can also be used after evening showers before going to the bed. This is one of the effective winter itch home remedies.


Pamper your body with honey, which is a natural moisturiser, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant ingredient. Heat two teaspoons of honey and apply it on the itchy areas. Leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off. Honey traps moisture in your skin. Its anti-oxidant properties repairs the damaged skin. If you are looking for a good winter itch cure, try this method.

Rose water and glycerine

Glycerin draws water to your body and has a cooling, hydrating effect on the skin. Mix glycerin with rose water and apply on the body for natural moisturising effects.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits such as almond, cashew and raisin retain moisture in the skin and effectively helps in treating extremely dry skin. Hence, make it a point to include them in your diet for quick winter itch relief.

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Story first published: Monday, December 15, 2014, 19:01 [IST]
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